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What Patients Say about Our Staff


About Adey

International Care Coordinator

"Adey was teriffic. She helped me throughout the process and personally collected additional medications that were prescribed--she thought I should relax in the air-conditioned lounge while she walked in the heat. She checked on me throughout my stay and lifted me up when I was down. The entire staff needs to be commended for their passion for helping overseas patients."

Cathy, Bermuda


About Luba

International Care Coordinator

"Luba is truly an angel. Everyone at JHI and in Baltimore was so good to us, but she was our saving grace. It was like being a child and having a parent look after you. She is a great ambassador for JHI and America. The world is such a better place because of people like her."

Linda & Norm, Russia/USA

Mary Ann

About Mary Ann

International Care Coordinator

"To Mary Ann, for her unconditional support, her warm welcome to Johns Hopkins, her company, her sweet treats she brought us while we waited outside the operating room. For her prayers, her outstanding ability to make everything easier to us, making it possible to concentrate in our children's wellbeing without distracting ourselves in any paperwork."

Julie and Jesus, Peru


About Mazin

International Care Coordinator

"Mazin was very professional and knowledgeable during all the visit we had with the physicians. I could call him and he always had answer for me and he was very patient in our difficult times. He made me very close to Johns Hopkins and solved many of our problems. He really care about the patient."

Mohamed, United Arab Emirates