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After Care: Returning Home

As our patient, you’re part of the Johns Hopkins family. Please don’t hesitate to contact your international care coordinator if you have questions or concerns about your medical treatment and follow-up care after you return home, or if you wish to schedule a return visit.

Your Medical Bill

Not all charges will post before you leave. If your visit was extensive, a financial counselor may ask to meet with you and review all posted and estimated charges and any payments made. If additional consultations and/or tests were performed, the financial counselor may request an additional deposit. Your final bill, mailed approximately 90 days after your visit, will reflect all charges.

Your Medical Records

Your international care coordinator will send your medical reports to you and your referring physician after departure. Copies of X-rays and other films are provided at an additional cost. Please make sure to sign the medical record release form and to verify the mailing address and telephone number to which your records should be delivered. To meet patient confidentiality requirements, requests for medical reports after you return home must be sent in writing to your care coordinator.

Your Doctor at Home

Whenever possible, Johns Hopkins doctors work in partnership with your doctor to coordinate your medical care. If desired and only with your approval, your care coordinator can send a copy of your medical report and other medical documentation to your doctor at home. If your doctor would like to discuss your case with your attending physician at Johns Hopkins, he or she can arrange to do so through your care coordinator.

Staying Informed

If you’d like to stay informed about medical advances at Johns Hopkins, you can subscribe to our quarterly magazine, Johns Hopkins Health, and our monthly e-newsletter, Hopkins News for You.

How Was Your Visit?

We care about the quality of your experience at Johns Hopkins and are committed to improving our services for your future visits and for other patients. Please give us your feedback by completing our confidential patient satisfaction survey.

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