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Guide to International Patient Financial Services

Before Your Initial Appointment

You will receive our Financial Orientation Video (above) and our financial coordinators will be available to answer any questions you may have and provide cost estimates for all of your appointments.

If you need additional appointments

Your financial coordinator will prepare a detailed cost estimate for you. We must receive a deposit of 100 percent of the estimated cost before we can begin any services. Actual charges may vary from the original estimate—we will monitor your account closely and keep you informed.

Before your departure

Not all charges post before you leave. If your visit was extensive, your financial coordinator may ask to meet with you and review all posted and estimated charges and any payments made. If additional consultations and/or tests were performed, your financial coordiinator may request an additional deposit. Your final bill, mailed approximately 90 days after your visit, reflects all charges.

Methods of payment

Johns Hopkins Medicine International accepts:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card)
  • Certified checks* 
  • Cash 
  • Wire transfers

For payments by certified check, please include patient name and Johns Hopkins Medical Record Number as the reference, make payable to The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and mail to:

Johns Hopkins Medicine International

PO Box 419747

Boston, MA 02241-974


Please contact your care coordinator for electronic funds transfers.

Frequently asked Questions

What happens if I underpay or overpay for the services?

If your deposit is more than the actual charges, we will refund you the difference. If your deposit is less than the actual charges, we will send you a bill for the difference.

How long it will take to receive a final statement?

Because we are reconciling the professional and facility charges and creating one consolidated billing package, please allow us 90 days from the last date of service to complete the final statement. 

How do you calculate the charges?

The deposits we ask you to make prior to services are based on cost estimates. Estimates can vary from the actual charges based on the complexity of a service, the amount of time spent on a service, the procedure or diagnosis codes, or the location of a service. We gather information from your provider and search historical databases to determine estimates for your service. 

How will I receive a refund if I have already left the country?

You do not need to be present in the United States to receive your final statement or a refund. We will ask you to provide an email address and a home address so that we can contact you when the statement is ready. If you open an account in the United States to make payments during your stay, we recommend that you leave it open so we can refund back to that account if needed. If you cannot leave that account open, we can refund you by check. 

Who can I contact if I have any financial questions?

If you have any questions about financial services, please contact your international financial coordinator or our customer service team. 

Does The Johns Hopkins Hospital offer any charity/discounts available for my services?

The Johns Hopkins Hospital does not offer any charity or discount services for international patients. Funding for these programs is provided by the state and federal governments and is restricted to United States citizens and legal residents.