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Global Collaborative Healthcare Magazine

Global Collaborative Healthcare cover

Global Collaborative Healthcare is published twice a year by Johns Hopkins Medicine:

901 South Bond Street
Suite 550
Baltimore, MD 21231

Send letters to Sue De Pasquale, managing editor, at the above address.

Letters may be edited for clarity and length.


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Executive Editor
Lindsay Roylance Rothstein

Managing Editor
Sue De Pasquale

Production Editor
Mia Scharper

Contributing Editor
David H. Freedman

Senior Writer
Cymantha Governs

Contributing Writers
Joan Katherine Cramer, David H. Freedman, Juan Carlos Negrette, Liz Von Kessler, Michael Yockel

Art Director
Max Boam

David Dilworth, Abby Ferretti

Richard Chapman, David H. Freedman, James Held, Michelle Loibner

Mohan Chellappa, M.D., Interim CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine International
Dalal H. Haldeman, Ph.D., M.B.A., Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine
Kathy Smith, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Lindsay Roylance Rothstein, Director, Marketing and Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine International