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Bermuda Life Insurance/Argus Insurance Company

Bermuda life insurance

Hamilton, Bermuda

2012 - Present



Bermuda Life Insurance is an entity of Argus Insurance Company, which offers a range of insurance, pensions and investment products. As one of the largest insurers in Bermuda, Argus covers almost one-third of the island’s population and has influence in other countries in the Caribbean market.

About Our Agreement

Johns Hopkins Medicine International initially signed an agreement with Bermuda Life Insurance in February 2012 to analyze its insured population data and to conduct a two-day workshop to develop and introduce health interventions in Bermuda. In January 2014, Johns Hopkins and Bermuda Life Insurance signed a Phase II, three-year agreement, under which they worked with Johns Hopkins HealthCare to develop and implement a population health program to provide services to combat chronic disease among Bermuda Life’s client population and the entire population of Bermuda. 

That work included providing the following services:

  • Monthly claims data collection, analysis and risk stratification
  • Intervention and prevention recommendations and resources
  • Baseline, monthly and annual reports
  • Quarterly steering team status meetings
  • Annual program review

Johns Hopkins and Bermuda Life Insurance extended the contract in 2018 to earn a two-year license for the population health program, including training and support, and a two-year license for a software platform to monitor a targeted population for chronic disease management.

Points of Pride

  • Launched an innovative nutrition, fitness and wellness program to improve the health of Bermuda’s workforce (2015)
  • Reputation for strong social responsibility, including efforts to improve the health delivery system in Bermuda

What Our Affiliate Says

“We want to learn from what Johns Hopkins Medicine has accomplished in the field of population health and introduce those measures to the community. This is more than just a collaboration between two companies; this is about improving the health of the population and ensuring the coordination of care through our own primary research. We want to empower people to take control of their own health and will ensure they have the correct tools to do so.”

― Michelle Jackson, Former Executive Vice President, Group Health at The Argus Group
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