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Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Saudi Arabia


Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare is a first-of-its-kind health care joint venture between Saudi Aramco, a world leader in energy, and Johns Hopkins Medicine. This organization, which was inaugurated on January 28, 2014, is designed to drive and enhance the well-being of the community in an environment of growth and learning, by providing innovative, integrated and patient-centered care to Saudi Aramco’s employees and health care beneficiaries.

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare brings together Saudi Aramco’s long-established health care delivery system and its approximately 360,000 beneficiaries and the world-renowned clinical, education and research expertise of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare will evolve into a center of excellence that provides enhanced specialty and subspecialty services, new lines of treatment, research and education that address some of the most significant health care challenges in the region.

As seen in the 2016 Biennial Report. Learn more.

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About Our Agreement

  • Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare is expected to fuel clinical innovation, serve as a model in the provision of health care and contribute to the development of the health care industry in alignment with Saudi Aramco’s commitment to enabling growth, opportunities and diversification within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy.  
  • Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare will work to advance and apply new medical knowledge, health care delivery practices and strategies for population health management in a way that’s tailored to the needs of the local region. 
  • This partnership provides medical personnel unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow, to serve patients and families, to share the latest research innovations, and to apply those innovations quickly to patient care.
  • This venture takes Johns Hopkins Medicine’s international expansion to a new level. Under the terms of the initial 10-year agreement, Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine will each hold an indirect ownership stake in the new Saudi-registered company.
  • One of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s major contributions will involve consulting and knowledge transfer from 14 clinical areas, with an additional focus on education and training programs related to nursing, quality and safety, research, and leadership development to ensure sustainability into the future. 


Points of Pride

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and Johns Hopkins Medicine collaborate to constantly improve and develop new services to treat some of the most significant health care issues in the region. Below are some major successes accomplished between 2014 and 2017: 

  • Cardiac Surgery: Re-establishing an adult cardiac surgery program, hiring a senior cardiac surgeon and a support team, training the cardiac surgery team and maximizing the expertise within Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare.
  • Endovascular Surgery: Launching the endovascular surgery program at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, conducting regular clinical endovascular rotations, developing a non-invasive vascular imaging laboratory, and treating aortic aneurysms for the first time at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare.
  • Emergency Medical Services: Providing quick and comprehensive emergency medical support, which is critical to meeting the needs of patients who work in the high-hazard oil and gas industry.
  • Hospital Medicine: Expanding Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare’s hospital medicine program to operate 24 hours a day to help reduce patients’ length of stay, increase access to medical experts and improve overall quality of care.
  • Primary Care Model: Implementing a patient-centered model of care delivery at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare in which treatment is coordinated through primary care physicians to ensure patients receive necessary care when and where they need it.
  • Robotic Surgery: Fostering a minimally invasive and robotic surgery program in urology that allows Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare patients to receive even more precise treatments, with the added benefits of shorter hospital stays and less pain during recovery.
  • Palliative Care: Introducing palliative care and establishing a holistic, multidisciplinary program at Dhahran Health Center to improve the quality of life of patients with life-threatening illness by preventing and relieving their suffering.
  • Sickle Cell: Enhancing the care of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare patients with sickle cell anemia, a life-threatening genetic disorder that is relatively common in Saudi Arabia, to help reduce patients’ hospital stays and optimize their outpatient care at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare.

Visionaries of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Watch the story of Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine and how these two renowned organizations formed the one-of-a-kind Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare.



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