Quality, Safety and Accreditation

At Johns Hopkins, health care quality and patient safety is more than an imperative — it’s a science. At the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, we develop and test solutions in safety and quality improvement that can be shared throughout the world.

Our hospital accreditation preparation programs further demonstrate our commitment to patient safety and quality. We have designed and implemented large-scale quality and safety improvement projects that have saved lives, reduced suffering and averted health care spending. By leveraging the latest health care data and technology, we find solutions, optimize processes and deliver customer-centric experiences that improve patient engagement, satisfaction and quality of care.

Featured Health Care Solutions

  • Clinical Risk Management

    Enhance risk management structures and processes to protect against liability exposure.
    • Uncover liability gaps.
    • Minimize unnecessary risk.
    • Improve patient safety.

    Clinical Risk Management
  • High Reliability Organization Assessment and Implementation

    Eliminate unwarranted variation in care delivery.
    • Improve clinical results.
    • Reduce costs.
    • Enhance clinical and operational excellence.

    High Reliability Organization Assessment and Implementation
  • Infection Control Support

    Develop or refine preventive protocols and mitigation plans for health care-associated infections (HAIs).
    • Reduce the risk of acquiring and transmitting infections.
    • Promote patient safety.
    • Decrease patient mortality, length of stay and institutional cost.

    Infection Control Support
  • Joint Commission International Accreditation Support

    Become or remain compliant with even the most challenging accreditation standards.
    • Prepare to meet accreditation or certification goals.
    • Identify and mitigate compliance gaps.
    • Improve clinical quality and safety.

    Accreditation Preparation
  • KPI Comparisons

    Pursue and utilize valid and reliable data to compare against other international institutions.
    • Improve situational analyses.
    • Identify improvement opportunities.
    • Become or remain competitive.

    KPI Comparisons
  • Quality and Safety Strategy and Governance

    Enhance quality and safety governance structures to achieve a safer patient environment focused on continuous quality improvement.
    • Streamline quality and committee structures.
    • Improve communication.
    • Increase patient satisfaction.

    Quality and Safety Strategy and Governance

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