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Transforming Stroke Care Worldwide Illustrated map of the globe

Stroke is an emergency, and treatments are time-dependent. Just minutes after a stroke disrupts or stops blood flow, brain cells can die, and functions such as movement, speech, emotional regulation and memory can be jeopardized. Proper treatment requires organizations to streamline and standardize care pathways throughout the continuum of stroke care, which has been shown to improve outcomes and save lives.

The Global Center for Organized Stroke Care is a team of stroke physicians, nurses and business professionals helping hospitals and health care organizations around the world build their stroke and telestroke programs. Our goal is to improve the processes and patterns of stroke care for optimized patient outcomes.

Dr. Victor Urrutia

Highly organized, multi-team stroke care is critical for decreasing mortality, morbidity and hospital length of stay in patients with acute stroke, and it has been shown to improve patients’ long-term functional outcomes."

- Dr. Victor Urrutia

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