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Q. Why isn’t the link from eIRB2 to eIRB working?

A.  If you receive an error message, refresh the page or hit “F5” and the problem should be corrected.

Q.  Why don’t I see a “submit” button in eIRB for further study actions that I already created?

A.   You should only be able to submit applications/FSAs created in eIRB after 10/31/2013. If you created an application after 10/31/2013 and you do not have the “Submit” activity, please contact the eIRB Help Desk at

Q. Where can I find my stamped documents in eIRB2?

A. The stamped documents have now been migrated to eIRB2. You can find the most recently-approved stamped documents under the “Legacy Stamped Documents” tab on the application workspace. As you submit revisions to stamped documents, IRB staff will remove the previously-approved versions from the “Legacy Stamped Documents” tab and upload the new, stamped versions in the “Stamped Documents” tab. For this reason, you may need to open both tabs to retrieve stamped documents.

Q. My application is appearing as Expired in eIRB2, but my Continuing Review is awaiting IRB approval in the old eIRB system.

A: The IT development team is working on a new state for applications that lapse while a continuing review is awaiting IRB approval. Until that change occurs, applications that have not received a continuing review approval will move to an “Expired” state. Once your continuing review has been approved in the old eIRB system, the current state of your eIRB2 application will move to “Approved” during an overnight process.

If you need to submit an FSA while your eIRB2 application is “Expired”, please contact the eIRB help desk at

Q. All I want to do is make a simple change to my application, and now I have to answer many new questions. Why?

A: Historically, we’ve made changes to the eIRB application (i.e., added new, required questions) on a quarterly basis, but we delayed these updates to focus on re-building the eIRB system. As a result, there are many new questions and required fields that must be answered. This is a one-time process per application.  We expect to resume a quarterly update schedule this summer.