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Archive: Letters from the Vice Dean


Change in JHM IRB Review Fees for Commercially-Funded Studies


Change in JHM IRB Review Fees for Commercially-Funded Studies


Policy on Documentation of Physician Consent
Policy on Informed Consent and Pediatric Subjects Reaching Adulthood


Study Team Member Recertification


eIRB 2 Launch and Information Sessions


Recertification Reminder for Principal Investigators 


December 2011: Increase in JHM IRB Review Fees
November 2011: Reminder: Recertification Training Requirements
November 2011: Associate Dean for Research in the Capital Region - Dr. Theodore Abraham
April 2011: Culture of Safety in Research
March 2011: Recertification Training Requirements


October 2010:  IRB Paper Study Conversion Reminder
July 2010: New Compliance Training Requirements for Participation in Human Subjects Research
June 2010: International Research
June 2010: Updates to Clinical Trials Insurance Coverage and New CRMS Requirements
April 2010:  Insurance and Research Participant Financial Responsibility Information Sheet
March 2010: Recent Issues Raised Regarding HSR

December 2009: Revised Prospective Reimbursement Analysis Process
September 2009: eIRB September 2009 Updates: Converting Paper Studies, Incidental Findings, Department and Division Chairs Notifications

December 2008: JHM IRB Change in Policy for Expiration Dates in Consent Documents
June 2008: New Research Billing Initiative
June 2008: Reaccreditation of the JHM Human Subjects Research Program
April 2008: Clinical Trials Registration

July 2007: Event Reporting Updates to the JHM IRB Website
June 2007: Departmental Billing Process for IRB Review Fees
May 2007: eIRB Revised Application

April 2006: Changes in Johns Hopkins Medicine Protocol Review by WIRB

September 2005: C.O.R.E. Reminder
July 2005: eIRB ready for on-line submission
July 2005: Clinical Trials Registration Notice
June 2005 : AAHRPP Accredits JHM
 June 2005: Change in IRB 3 Membership 
June 2005 : AAHRPP Accreditation
April: FDA Inspections
February: JHM IRB Reciprocity
January: IRB Accreditations

 December: Revised Training Requirements for Human Subjects Research
July: JHM IRB and Medstar Reciprocity Agreement
June: Triage of Research Protocols to WIRB
June: IRBs and Blood/Tissue Specimens

October: On-line human Subjects Research Training
September: Conflict of Interest and Commitment Training Modular Required by December 21, 2003
August: New IRB Review Procedures
August: Office of Human Subjects Research is Moving
July: New JHU WIRB Liaison
July: Reorganization of the OHSR Office

January: Submission of new protocols to the IRB
February: Study Sample Size Issue
February: New Consent Form Template
July: OHRP Site Visit/BSPH Reciprocity/Web-based Access
September: Web-based Access
October: Expired Consent Forms
October: Change in Triage of new applications to IRB
November: Research Fellows in Human Subjects Research

January: Changes in JCCI/JHBMC IRB Guidelines and Forms
October: IRB Review of New Protocols
November: Web-based Access