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SL2 Organization Policy on State of Maryland Mandatory Disease and Condition Reporting - Diseases and Conditions Reportable by Health Care Providers and Others

May 2012

The Organization must comply with the State of Maryland mandatory reporting regulations.  The list of reportable diseases and conditions is updated periodically and may be found at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) web site.  The Maryland Epidemiology Disease Control website may be found at, and the JHM IRBs may also contact the Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at 410-396-4436 for answers to questions.  The JHM IRBs will determine in the review process when compliance is required in association with conduct of a protocol.

The JHM IRBs must be cognizant of the requirements associated with Certificates of Confidentiality.  Information is available at for options for addressing local reporting requirements in studies for which a Certificate of Confidentiality is granted.