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SL1 Organization Policy on Maryland State Law Requirements: Maryland House Bill No. 917 (Hubbard Act)

April 2016

Johns Hopkins complies with Maryland law concerning human subjects research and IRB approval of such research. 

Pursuant to the Maryland Annotated Code, Health-General Article §13-2003 (The Hubbard Act), any person who wishes to inspect the final minutes from a JHM IRB convened meeting held after October 1,2002 may do so by submitting a written request outlining the specific minutes to be inspected.  The interpretation by the Organization’s General Counsels is that the law is prospective in application and does not apply retrospectively to IRB minutes that existed prior to October 1, 2002.  Prior to making the minutes available, the IRBs may redact confidential or privileged information.

A written request to the IRBs under this law should be submitted to the Assistant Dean for Human Research Protection in the Office of Human Subjects Research.