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109.1a Organization Policy on Responsibility for the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

September 2020

Authority to develop, implement, and monitor the human research protection program has been delegated by The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) under JHU Policy GEN 002 to the divisions of the University. The Deans of the JHUSOM and JHUSON have delegated this authority to the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation the designated Institutional Official (“IO”) for the HRPP.

The President of the Johns Hopkins Health System serves as signing Institutional Official for JHHS. The Institutional Official for JHUSOM has responsibility for day to day oversight and management of the JHHS components of the HRPP. The IO has the authority and independence to ensure implementation and maintenance of the HRPP and JHM IRB structure and function, as outlined in JHU Policy GEN002.

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