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103.4 Organization Policy List of IRB Members

August 2010

The Organization shall maintain a list of IRB primary and alternate members. The list shall include the following information: name; earned degrees; representative capacity; indications of experience (such as board certifications); relationship of the member to the Organization; affiliation status; office/role (such as Chair or Co-Chair); and employment status of each member.  This list shall also indicate alternate IRB members.

The Organization has several internal IRBs.  Members on each IRB are allowed to serve as an alternate for members of any of the internal IRBs in the same area of expertise. Alternate members who are not a primary member of any of the internal IRBs shall receive the same membership training as primary members.  

Alternate members who attend a convened meeting shall be identified in minutes of the meeting.  For a meeting that an alternate member is required to attend because of the absence of a primary member of the IRB, the alternate member will prepare for the meeting by reviewing the studies on the agenda, raise issues at the meeting as needed, and vote as a member of the IRB. 

Lists of primary and alternate members shall be updated each year upon reappointment as an IRB member. Any changes to IRB membership will be reported to the OHRP in a timely fashion. IRB membership information is posted on the IRB website.

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