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103.10b Organization Policy on Assignment of IRB Review

April 2016

It is the policy of the Organization that applications for the conduct of human subject research shall be reviewed by an IRB.  One of the JHM IRBs may review the study, or it may be reviewed by an outside IRB pursuant to the terms of a reliance agreement.  Procedures for review are governed by written review agreements, contractual terms, or internal guidelines issued by the Institutional Official (IO).

For studies reviewed by the JHM IRB, the study will be assigned to one of seven JHM IRBs.  Assignment information will be made available to researchers on the IRB website. When a newly submitted study is identified as being identical to one that has been previously approved or is being concurrently reviewed by one JHM IRB, the new study shall be assigned to the same IRB for review.  

Once assigned to an IRB, that IRB will continue to review the protocol unless the protocol is transferred (see Organization Policy 103.14 “Transfer of Studies Between the JHM IRBs” ) or an emergency arises.

In addition, the JHM IRB has entered reliance agreements with:

  • Bloomberg School of Public Health IRB
  • Homewood IRB
  • MedStar Research Institute
  • National Cancer Center IRBs
  • National Institute on Aging
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Various other entitites.