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Recruitment Document Formatting Requirements

May 15, 2018

As indicated in Organization Policy 111.13 “Recruitment of Study Subjects”

“All advertising or other recruitment material must be reviewed and approved by the JHM IRB before they are used.  Flyers and other advertising materials must be marked as approved by the JHM IRB before distribution or posting.  Letters to potential participants must be submitted to JHM IRB for review and approval prior to mailing.”

This policy applies to all documents uploaded to the eIRB application under “Recruitment Information” (currently Section 13) as well as all other documents that require an IRB approval stamp. This may include, but is not limited to: flyers, posters, letters to potential participants, social media advertisements, scripts for radio or television advertisements, and story boards for television or video advertisements. (Please see policy 111.13 for more information regarding requirements / limitations for recruitment of study subjects.)

To indicate IRB approval of recruitment documents, a “stamped” copy of the recruitment document will be uploaded to the eIRB application upon approval. This approval stamp will be placed in the top left corner of the recruitment document.  

To accommodate placement of the approval stamp, a 1.5 inch margin must be left at the top of the document. The margin should remain blank and this section of the document should have a white (or very light in color) background so the stamp and date will be visible. Documents that do not have a 1.5 inch margin in the top left corner will have some content concealed by the IRB approval stamp. Additionally, recruitment documents submitted to the IRB must be submitted as either an MS Word or a PDF document to facilitate stamping. If documents are created in a format other than MS Word or a PDF, the documents must be converted to one of these formats prior to submitting them for review. Documents submitted in a format other than MS Word or PDF will be returned for conversion.

These requirements will be enforced for new applications and revisions to recruitment documents submitted on or after June 18th 2018. On this date the IRB will convert to Auto Stamping for all recruitment documents. This change is being made to maintain efficiency with IRB processing while managing an increasing research portfolio. As of June 18th 2018 the IRB will no longer accommodate requests to move the approval stamp from the top left corner to another location within the document.