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JH School of Nursing Project Ethical Review Committee (PERC)

February 2021

JH School of Nursing (JHSON) Project Ethical Review Committee (PERC) was developed by the JHSON Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) faculty in collaboration with the JHMIRB Associate Dean for Human Research Protections and Director of the Human Research Protections Program. The purpose of the DNP PERC committee is to conduct an assessment of a DNP student’s scholarly project proposal to: determine if the student project is a quality improvement (QI) project or Human Subjects Research (HSR), to improve the quality of the proposal, and to provide institutional approval of the proposal.

The DNP PERC committee membership is composed of JHSON DNP faculty, DNP Administrators and one JHMIRB representative. If the JHSON PERC determines that the project is QI/QA, then JHMIRB submission is not required. If the JHSON PERC determines the DNP project does not qualify as QI/QA, submission to the JHMIRB or local IRB where the research will be performed is required.

For questions about the JHSON DNP PERC process, please contact Kimberly McIltrot ([email protected]).

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