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Johns Hopkins Medicine Institutional Review Board #6

Federal Wide Assurance # FWA00005752-JHUSOM, FWA00006087-JHH & JHHS, and FWA00005719-KKI
OHRP IRB Registration #IRB00008745
Membership Roster - Academic Year 2022-2023

 Kenneth Cohen, MD, MBA
Professor, Oncology and Pediatrics

Duane Brewster
Unaffiliated/Non-Scientific Member

Stacy Cooper, MD
Associate Professor, Pediatric Oncology

Matthias Holdhoff, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor Oncology

Peng Huang, PhD
Associate Professor, Oncology Biostatistics

Alan Regenberg, MBE
Research Associate, Bioethics

Tammy Scott, RN
Senior Research Nurse/Program Manager, Pediatric Oncology

Elaine Stashinko, RN, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Andrew Stolbach, MD
P&T Committee
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Last Updated: 7/1/22

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