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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to eIRB?

All users of eIRB must have an account. Your name will not appear in the study team directory if you do not have an account. To set up an eIRB account:

- Hopkins-affiliated study team members:
use your JHED ID and JHED password to login to the eIRB system. Upon successful login, an eIRB account will automatically be created for you.
- Non-affiliated study team membersthe PI's department JHED administrator must create an ADHOC JHED ID to allow the study team member access to eIRB and myLearning (if compliance training is required). 

I have an eIRB account, but I can’t login.  Should I create a new account?

Do not create a new eIRB account. Do you have a JHED ID?

If No: You are a Non Hopkins affiliated user (Non JHED user).
Contact the eIRB Help Desk at for assistance.

Yes: You are a Hopkins affiliated user (JHED user).  Contact information in eIRB is pulled from JHED.  Try to login to JHED at If you can’t successfully login to JHED, contact JHED directly at or call the JHED IT Support Center at 410-955-HELP (4357) for assistance in resetting your JHED password.  If you can successfully login to JHEDbut not to eIRB and you have reset your JHED password, contact the eIRB Help Desk at

I can’t remember my password.  What do I do?

The IRB does not have access to your password.  Hopkins affiliated user:  to verify your JHED ID and reset your JHED password contact JHED directly at jhed@jhmi.eduor call the JHED IT Support Center at 410-955-HELP (4357).  Non Hopkins affiliated user: email the eIRB Help Desk at for assistance.

Why aren’t I receiving eIRB notifications?

eIRB generates automatic emails at key points of the review process to notify users of new information or actions that need to be taken.  Contact information comes from JHED and if your email address is missing/incorrect, that information feeds to

eIRB.. For assistance, contact JHED directly at or call the JHED IT Support Center at 410-955-HELP (4357). 

I clicked Submit but it didn’t work.  All I got was some type of list.  What do I need to do to submit?

The list you see in the Submit window is a list of errors in your application/FSA.  Each list item explains the error and provides a link to the screen where you can fix it.  This is the same list that appears when you click Hide/Show Errors on the Light Blue Toolbar at the top and bottom of the application/FSA screen.

Where do I find a link to the forms and regulatory guidelines?

Click on the blue icon    beside each question for a link to regulations, forms, etc.

My study team members are not listed in eIRB.  How do I add them to the list?

Not all faculty and staff are listed in eIRB.  If you cannot find the study team member in the list, the researcher does not have an eIRB account. If they have a JHED ID and password, their name will be added to the study team directory upon first time login. No self-registration is required. If they are not affiliated with Hopkins, the PI's department JHED administrator must create an ADHOC JHED ID to allow the study team member access to eIRB and myLearning (if compliance training is required).

The compliance training dates for some of my study team members are not displayed in eIRB.  How can I enter this information?

There is an institutional requirement for compliance training.  If compliance training dates are not appearing and certificates are not uploaded in this section, the application will be returned by IRB staff prior to IRB review.  You should not submit the application until all study team members have completed compliance training. JHM IRB Guidelines:  Training Requirements for Human Subjects Research. IRB compliance training is available via myLearning at MyLearning will track your course completion.  Once you have completed your IRB compliance training, click on “My Learning History” on the left side navigation to obtain a copy of your course completion report. This data will automatically feed into the eIRB application. If this is your first eIRB application and/or the dates above are blank or incorrect, you must upload copies of IRB your compliance training certificates or a course completion report into the eIRB application. Upon submission, the JHM IRB staff will enter the dates into your eIRB profile.

What should I do if I have a problem with research training requirements?

For assistance with compliance training requirements, contact the IRB Training Manager at  or the eIRB Help Desk at

My funding source is not listed.  How do I get it on the list?

Just email the eIRB Help Desk at and we will add it to the list.

I need to agree to participate in a study.  How do I do that?

Login to eIRB at  Select “My IRB Studies” from the left navigation bar.  Click the Researcher Prep tab.  Scroll down select the study name to open the new application or change in research workspace. If you received an email to agree to participate, simply click on the link provided.  Select “Agree to Participate” from the Current Activities section on the left.  Read the window and click OK.

How do I make changes to an application that has already been submitted?

Once an application has been submitted, no changes can be made by the investigator.  You will see a read-only version when viewing your study.  If revisions are required, the study will be returned to the investigator and appear under the “Action Required” tab.  Changes can be made at that time.  You will need to re-submit the application after you have saved your changes.

How do I make changes to an application that has already been approved?

You need to create and submit a Change in Research application. On the left side of the application workspace underneath “Create Further Study Action”, click “Create…”  Select “Change in Research” from the options provided and click “Continue”. Complete the form including all of the changes you wish to make.

Remember that newly added study team members will need to agree to participate and that only the PI can submit the Change in Research application. You can track the status of your Change in Research application by clicking on the “In Process” tab on your eIRB homepage or under the Further Study Action tab on the main application workspace.

Where and how do I submit FSAs?

Open the application workspace for your approved study, and click the “Create…” activity located on the left navigation bar underneath “Create Further Study Action”.  FSAs look and function exactly like the application.  Once the FSA has been completed, the PI should click the Submit button the same way s/he submits the application.  Information, instructions, and tutorials may be found on the IRB website:

The PI of my study is changing.  What should I do?

You will need a change in research to change the PI.  Both the old and new PI will be able to submit the change. Please remember to also include revised documents (i.e., protocol, consent form, recruitment  and HIPAA forms) that may include the old PI’s name and contact information.

Where do I upload the track changes version of my documents?

To upload tracked changes copies of existing documents, select “Update” to the left of the document name.  Only one version of each document should be visible.  Upload tracked changes copies of documents when revisions are requested by the IRB or for changes in research.

Where do I find the stamped documents I can use with study participants?

Once the application/FSA has been approved, select either the “Legacy Stamped Documents” tab (if your application was migrated from the archive eIRB to eIRB2) or the “Stamped Documents” tab on the application workspace.  These documents will be listed in the approval letter.  Use these stamped documents with study participants.  The IRB will upload the same approved documents without a logo directly into the application under their appropriate sections.  The no logo documents are to be used when submitting changes in research.  Only one version of each document should be visible.  All documents that do not require an IRB stamp can be downloaded from the application.

Where is the IRB letter?

IRB letters may be found in the “Review List” which is located on the application/FSA workspace.  Select “View Letter” to open and review the IRB letter. 

Where do I find the IRB tracked change version of the consent form to see the changes made by the IRB? 

The IRB tracked change version of the consent form may be downloaded from within the application.

How do I respond to IRB Issues?

IRB staff will add reviewer notes to the application sections of the eIRB application. Investigators will be required to make revisions to the application and/or provide a response/explanation in the text box provided. A member of the study team must respond to each note prior to resubmission. After entering each response, click "OK" to save. If you need to edit your response, click on the “study team response” link provided and click "OK" to save your response. This does not submit the response. On the application workspace, click “Alert PI”, which sends an email the PI to remind them to submit the response.

I completed the revisions and submitted my response.  Why isn’t anyone processing it?

Are you sure that you’ve submitted the application/FSA?  Applications, Further Study Actions, revisions, or responses cannot be processed by the IRB until the Principal Investigator clicks the “Submit” activity located under Current Activities on the left of the application/FSA workspace screen.

If the PI has submitted the response, check the status of your application by selecting “In Process” on   the Investigator Workspace and opening the application workspace. The last scheduled review date and  the application current status can be found on this workspace.

Where do I find the word version of the approved consent forms to submit a change in research?

The word version of the approved consent forms may be downloaded from the consent question in the application.  The stamped consent forms are located on the Application Workspace under the “Stamped Documents” tab.

I just submitted my continuing review.  Can I submit a change in research now?

Continuing Reviews, Changes in Research, Emergency Use Requests and Termination/Post Termination Reports may be submitted at the same time.  More than one Change in Research application for the same study may not be submitted until the first has completed its review.  Problem Events may be submitted concurrently, even for the same study.

I have an application that expired before I was able to submit my continuing review.  I am getting an error message when I try to do it.  Do I have to reapply under a new number?  I don’t want to interrupt the project for too long.

The eIRB system will not allow us to extend expiration dates for continuing reviews.  As you may recall, one of the findings that the government used to shut down the IRB in 2001 was a practice of allowing investigators to extend research beyond the limit of the approval, even in situations that seemed beyond their control.  Since then, the policy has been in place to terminate any study that had not been submitted for a renewal prior to the expiration date.  There is a place in your new application where you select that this is a resubmission of a previously approved study and enter the original study number.

How can I get an extension to the time I have to resubmit my study?

The PI has 60 days to resubmit an application that has been returned before going to an IRB Committee for review.  You may seek a 60 day extension of this time limit by selecting “Request Extension – Pre IRB” under the Current Activities section of the application/FSA workspace.  You may also seek an extension for the submission of a response to IRB issues by selecting “Request Extension – Post IRB” under Current Activities on the application/FSA workspace.  You must submit this request in eIRB before the original requested due date.  We cannot accept responses beyond the deadline without a JHM IRB approved extension.

What is the procedure for withdrawing my study/response from IRB review?

Only the Principal Investigator may withdraw an eIRB application or further study action.  Select PI Withdraw Study or Request Withdraw under Current Activities on the application/FSA workspace.  If you wish to pursue this application/FSA in the future, a new eIRB application/FSA must be created and resubmitted for IRB review.

My study has finished accrual and we do not plan to continue it.  Do we need to do anything to officially close the study?

A Termination Report should be submitted to the IRB when study activity is completed and access to study identifiers (if applicable) is no longer required for data analysis or manuscript writing.

Where do I find a copy of the original application?

You can find the original snapshot of your application under the History Log at the bottom of the page.  Remember that only PI and study team members listed in the original application will be able to access it.

How do I translate my application current status?

As your eIRB application moves through the submission process, the application current status will change. Click Here to get a copy of the eIRB Application Workflow for New Applications.