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Update March 22, 2008

In our continuing efforts to improve eIRB, the following changes have been made:

  • Notify Study Team Members has been renamed Request Study Team Participation. Notification will only be sent to those study team members who have not yet agreed to participate.
  • PI Withdraw Study is a new activity that allows the PI to withdraw an application in the Researcher Prep state (prior to submission). Only the PI can perform this activity.
  • Request Withdrawal is a new activity that allows the PI to request that the IRB withdraw an application that has been submitted to the IRB (no longer in the Researcher Prep state). Completing this activity sends an email notification to the IRB office to consider the request.
  • The PI will receive automatic email notification once all study team members have agreed to participate.
  • The Researcher Prep state has been reconfigured to only contain those applications that have never been submitted to the IRB office.
  • A new state has been created called PI Response – Pre Meeting. If an application has not yet been assigned to a meeting and is returned to the PI as incomplete, it will be in this new state. In addition, if a departmental review outcome requires revisions, the application will be in this new state.
  • All departmental review activities have been combined to one activity called Record Review Outcome.
  • Emails notifications on a number of the activities have been revised to a more succinct format. The new notifications are best viewed in html.

March 15, 2008

Upgrade to Version 5.5.3.  This upgrade will improve the overall performance and functionality of the system, as well as preparing eIRB for future software and hardware enhancements in the upcoming months.  Some notable enhancements that will improve the user experience include changes to the printer friendly option that make it easier to see radio buttons and check boxes when creating a paper-based version of an application and message displays when uploading documents.

March 1, 2008

As part of eIRB scheduled quarterly updates, the following changes have been made:

  • A page has been added to the new application titled “Application Documents” that contains all documents uploaded by the PI or study team. The documents are accessible to view, print or download, but this is not a document upload page.

  • Each page of the new application smart form is now numbered. Example:
    1 - General Information
    2 – Study Team Compliance.

*The smart form pages are built with a skip pattern so be aware that some applications’ pages will not contain consecutive numbering, especially those with an exempt review type.

  • Several of the drug and device drill-down screens have been updated with a hide/show feature.

  • You no longer need to contact the eIRB help desk to create eIRB user accounts (JHED or non JHED).  Effective March 1, 2008, all eIRB user accounts can be created via SELF REGISTRATION links on the eIRB login page at Once you complete the required information, you will receive an email confirmation indicating that the account has been created. 

If you have any questions, please contact the JHM eIRB at or 410-955-3008.