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Visitor Testimonials

Three visiting nurses in front of statue.

Here's what some of our previous visitors had to say...

"I am writing at this time to thank you for your kindness during our visit. We appreciate your excellent program. I am happy to say that we now have a much better idea about how to improve our management of our hospital."
-Yoshiko Wazumi, RN, PhD , Japan

"Thank you again so much for the organization of the Nurse Visitors Week. I had such a great time and came back home with a lot of ideas. It was a great pleasure to meet the Johns Hopkins staff!"
-Sabin Zurcher, Switzerland

"I am grateful for the unique opportunity the Johns Hopkins has given me. I am eternally thankful. The hospital is incredible and nursing is wonderful… amazing!!!"
-Carolina Medina, Chile

"I spent exciting time and learned a lot in Hopkins through Nurse Visitors Week and observership. Thank you very much! I hope I can visit again someday! Again, thank you very much!"
-Moonjung Kwon, South Korea