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Johns Hopkins University Gateway Sciences Initiative

January 20, 2012

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The Provost’s Gateway Sciences Initiative is a multi-dimensional program to improve and enrich learning of gateway sciences at Johns Hopkins University for undergraduate and graduate students.  Through a grant program, a Symposium on Teaching Excellence, and a new Faculty Conversations on Teaching series, the University seeks to improve our understanding of how students learn and to promote pedagogical innovation in courses that form the foundation for, or provide a gateway to, more advanced work in sciences, engineering, and quantitative studies. As a part of this initiative, Johns Hopkins will provide grants to support a variety of competitively selected instructional enhancement projects.  All projects will align with sound pedagogical practice and will include rigorous assessment plans.  Our goal is to generate and disseminate evidence of educational excellence to the deans, chairs, directors, and faculty who make decisions on curriculum development and instructional resource allocation at Johns Hopkins. 

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