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Dr. Joseph Cofrancesco Named to Inaugural IEE Professorship

IEE Leadership(left to right): Roy Ziegelstein, Ron Peterson, Joe Cofrancesco, Paul Rothman, Ron Daniels

A Celebration of Excellence in Education

December 15, 2014 - The evening of December 3, 2014 brought together leaders, learners, and members from across The Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the School of Medicine, all of whom gathered to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Institute for Excellence (IEE) of the JHUSOM and the installation of Associate Professor of Medicine Joseph Cofrancesco Jr., M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P. as the inaugural Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education Professor of Medicine.

"It is Joe’s personality, above all else, that has built a coalition of committed individuals who move the IEE’s many agendas forward and continue to build on the legacy of Johns Hopkins in medical education," commented vice dean for education Roy Ziegelstein, M.D., M.A.C.P.

The newly endowed professorship highlights both the tremendous accomplishments of Dr. Cofrancesco and the value that the institution places on contributions to teaching and education. In the five years since its inception,  the IEE, led by Dr. Cofrancesco, has made significant strides in accomplishing its mission: recognizing teaching; inspiring and growing educational research and scholarship; improving teaching; and fostering a community of educators. Through the IEE quarterly Grand Rounds, the annual Education Conference and Celebration, the annual Summer Teaching Camp, awards to recognize great educators in the SOM, and the very successful Faculty Educator Scholars Grant Program, the IEE has truly become a leader of its kind in academic medicine. The spirited leadership of Dr. Cofrancesco, along with the dedication of the IEE Managing Board, Board of Directors, and administrative staff, has made this success possible.

Joe Cofrancesco and Janet SerwintJoe is joined by IEE Managing Board Member Janet Serwint

"The place of Johns Hopkins in the history of medical education is known throughout the world," noted Dr. Ziegelstein. "It’s therefore hard to believe that anyone would question how much education is valued here. Before the IEE, though, some people wondered, even out loud, asking whether teaching was recognized and rewarded here. In just five short years, the IEE answered that question by providing awards, formal recognition, grants, teaching skills programs, and other activities that make the value of educators much more clear to them and to departmental and institutional leaders. This could never have happened without a passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic leader like Joe Cofrancesco."

During his acceptance of the professorship, Dr. Cofrancesco acknowledged all those who have contributed to the IEE’s success: "I see this as recognition of the tremendous work of IEE and the phenomenal contributions of the many, MANY talented education faculty and learners here at Johns Hopkins University. We are a SCHOOL of Medicine, and I have never been more proud to call myself an educator."

The evening’s program included remarks from dean of the School of Medicine and the CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Paul Rothman, M.D., an acceptance of the professorship by university President Ronald Daniels, and recognition from Dr. Cofrancesco’s peers and mentees.

While focused on improving teaching and scholarship for faculty educators, the IEE has made an impact on learners across the continuum of medical and biomedical education. In addition, the IEE has proven itself to be a driving force in building bridges amongst members of the medical and scientific communities, as well as across disciplines and professional schools.

Always looking ahead with enthusiasm and big ideas, Dr. Cofrancesco concluded his remarks with anticipation for the IEE’s future: "The IEE has accomplished much in its first five years and I am extremely excited to look forward to our next five years."

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