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2018 Biennial Report

The Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was launched in 2009 to promote, value and advance medical education. We now have a suite of outstanding programs and opportunities in all “four pillars” of our mission. From Education Shark Tank to Summer Teaching Camp, the IEE pursues innovative instruction to influence medicine and science, and benefit humanity.

Below is a link to the IEE’s 2017-2018 Biennial Report which provides updates on our exciting programs. Please enjoy reading the meaningful impact the IEE has had on the Hopkins community and beyond. Tradition blended with innovation permits Hopkins to retain its position as one of the leading medical and biomedical educational organizations.

The IEE Board of Directors, Managing Board and all the staff at the IEE are deeply grateful to have such wonderful partners. Without support, we could not attract and retain the talented educators and students we have, nor provide them with the necessary facilities and resources to succeed.

Great things are possible in the coming years.

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