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Small Grants Program

small grants program

Do you need funding to kick start an education project?

The IEE Small Grants Program seeks to provide project funding for JHUSOM faculty members. Some calls will permit topics in all areas of medical and biomedical education (broadly defined). Other calls will have specific and more limited focus. The purpose of these grants is to support faculty in educational investigations and innovative, creative, or entrepreneurial work on projects. To learn more about the current call, please click the link below "What to Do Next" to learn the specifics.

AWARD AMOUNTS UP TO $5,000 but smaller amounts are possible.

A two phase process will be employed.  Phase I: brief application; Phase II: IEE Managing Board will review and select finalists to present to the Board.

For more information about the Small Grants Program see What to Do Next

Some Topic Ideas for Broad Calls: Below is a list of possible topics, raised by LCME, CLER and Mid-Atlantic site visits. They are presented simply to stimulate thought, ANY educational project will be considered for open calls. Special topic calls will, of course, be limited to that topic.

Basic Science Topics:

  • Educational strategies, utilizing the Science Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage (STILE) classroom
  • Strategies to improve mentoring in the laboratory

Clinical Topics:

  • Learners on interdisciplinary teams
  • Education in healthcare quality improvement
  • Training in cultural competency
  • Competency assessment

General Topics:

  • Professionalism
  • Engaging students with diverse backgrounds