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Centralized Services for Metabolism Research

Centralized Services for Metabolism Research (CSMR) provides access to: (1) shared equipment for rodent metabolic testing; (2) controlled settings (temperature, humidity, light, air flow, low general human activity) required for accurate assessments of whole-body metabolism and animal behavior; (3) expertise of JHMI faculty who each have 15-30 years experience in rodent behavioral and metabolic testing and data analysis.

The suite is managed by Susan Aja, who supervises studies conducted in the facility, provides expertise for in vivo approaches to metabolism and obesity research, and refers researchers to CSMR and other facilities/personnel with appropriate equipment/expertise for metabolic research.

Susan Aja, Ph.D.

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Section Head of In Vivo Studies

CMOR location: Rangos #472
CMOR Phone: 410-287-7671

The CSMR rodent facility provides:

  • An on-site suite, with two holding/testing rooms for whole-animal metabolic testing.
  • A 16-chamber unit for indirect calorimetry in mice (Oxymax, Columbus Instruments)
  • An 8-chamber indirect calorimetry unit for rats
  • Ventilated housing for mice, or static caging for rats, for rodents on stand-by for metabolic experiments
  • The suite is equipped with basic lab equipment and supplies for on-site procedures

Current List of Indirect Calorimetry and other Services: