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Additional 5-day Cohort

Oxymax Indirect Calorimetry
Additional 5-day Cohort
$ 1,000


  • Up to one week pre-experiment rodent housing
  • Oxymax physical set-up, programming and calibration, break-down
  • Daily checks on health status, body weight, food, water, Oxymax data
  • Up to one week post-experiment rodent housing
  • Access to basic lab equipment and basic disposables in the CMOR Animal Facility, as needed for on-site experiments

Typical study:

  •  This package is intended to:
    • Augment the Basic 5-day Monday – Friday Experiment package, with an additional Monday – Friday period for an additional cohort.
    • Provide Researchers with prior similar approved studies a discount, waiving the consultation fees
  • Good for transgenics, and for long-term-pretreated animals
  • Good for short-term responses to acute treatments
  • Monday, Tuesday:  data to confirm acclimation
  • Wednesday:  baseline data
  • Thursday:  experimental treatment data
  • Friday:  end of study


  • Special diets and materials provided by the Researcher
  • Additional hands-on assistance for experiments (i.e. injections or other manipulations) are the responsibility of the Researcher, unless negotiated in advance with CMOR Animal Facility.  These services are assessed a fee of $ 100.00 per hour, on quarter-hour increments.
  • Please see the Basic 7-day Mon-Mon Experiment package for studies anticipated to require weekend time.  An additional fee of $700 applies if a 5-day study extends beyond Friday into any part of the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) due to action, or inaction, on the part of the Researcher.  Such fee does not apply in the event of error by CMOR, or with other unanticipated difficulty with study completion.