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The IBBS is dedicated to supporting faculty, fellows, postdocs and students and staff who conduct fundamental research. We are home to nine basic science departments, eight cross-disciplinary centers, and four NIH initiatives.

Doing molecular biology

Basic Science Departments
Visit our basic science departments to learn more about our research and the people doing it.

Research Centers
Visit our centers to learn more about how faculty from across all of Johns Hopkins Medicine have come together to collaborate on exciting research.

NIH Initiatives
From centers of excellence to roadmap projects, we host centers in several disciplines that help the NIH to sustain its historic record of making cutting-edge contributions that are central to extending the quality of healthy life for people in this country and around the world.

Basic Research and Human Health
Today, our scientists are working to solve biological problems that will be crucial to addressing human health and disease. Learn more about the research that will one day – very soon in some cases – postpone or prevent the onset of cancer or Alzheimer’s, help physicians reduce our risk for a range of devastating conditions through the rational use of genetic screening, combat diabetes and other obesity-related diseases, reduce or eliminate chronic pain, and more.