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Genes To Society: Where is the Genomic Revolution in Healthcare?

Science Writers' Boot Camp 
May 6, 2011

Videos and slides from the program:

Welcome and Introduction PowerPoint presentation

Stephen Desiderio

"Training the next generation of physicians: The importance of genetics in medicine and the future of health care" Part I Part II Part III Part IV

David Valle

"Talking the talk: Genomics and high throughput biology, how they work, what they reveal, and the importance of studying genomes" Part I Part II Part III Part IV

Jef Boeke

"What genomics can (and can't) tell us about sudden cardiac death" Part I Part II Part III Part IV

Aravinda Chakravarti

"Now that we have his genes, can my kid wear soccer shorts" PowerPoint presentation

Janet Scheel

"The latest from the Diabetes Research and Training Center: How genetics informs research, patient care and prevention" PowerPoint presentation

Fredric Wondisford

"Using genetic information to design better breast cancer treatments" PowerPoint presentation

Leisha Emens

"Mapping genetic risk of suicide" PowerPoint presentation

Virginia Willour

"Muscle wasting diseases: From the clinic to the bench and back again" Part I Part II Part III

Ronni Cohn

"We are not diploid anymore: Challenges faced by geneticists and genetic counselors" Part I Part II

Ada Hamosh

"Genetics and pediatrics: Beyond genomics" Part I Part II Part III

George Dover