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The Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence


Dr. David Hellmann, Vice Dean, JHBMC and Chairman of the Department of Medicine and
Dr. Scott Wright, professor of medicine and director of the Miller-Coulson Academy. (Photo Credit: Keith Weller.)

The Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence (MCACE) is an initiative sponsored by the Center for Innovative Medicine. Created with a mission to recognize masterful physicians who are steadfastly committed to clinical excellence for the benefit of the patients and communities that they serve, the Academy was made possible through the support and generosity of the Miller-Coulson family.

At academic health centers, doctors divide their time among three main activities: research, teaching, and patient care. In the belief that clinical excellence not only supports excellence in medical education and discovery but serves as the fundamental foundation for both, MCACE was launched after three years of research. This planning, which resulted in several publications, set out to define clinical excellence, translate the definition into an operational model for measurement, and create a system that appropriately recognizes success.

The Academy employs a rigorous process to successfully identify exceptional clinicians.  MCACE’s clinical portfolio, the tool that was developed to assess clinical accomplishment among faculty members undergoing consideration for membership, is scored by an external review committee of acclaimed leaders and thinkers in patient care from top academic medical centers. An internal selection committee then reviews all materials to arrive at consensus. Through the acknowledgement of our most clinically excellent physicians, the MCACE hopes to celebrate the significance of these individuals and provide inspiration to all clinicians. If this initiative helps to retain excellent physicians, this will support the education of the next generation of physicians and ensure that our patient care experiences continue to be of the highest quality.

The Academy is developing programs that shine a spotlight on excellent clinicians and excellence in patient care, including: (i) an annual symposium devoted to excellence in patient care, (ii) the blog ‘Reflections on Clinical Excellence’ which is serving to promote discussion and sharing of perspectives, (iii) a curriculum to help clinicians advance along the continuum from clinical competence to clinical excellence, (iv) a medical student Clinical Excellence Elective, (v) an oath development program for residents to crystallize their commitment to humanism in medicine, (vi) Academy-hosted Medical Grand Rounds, and (vii) various publications.

The Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence makes us all feel honored to care for patients at Hopkins!