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Breakthrough Newsletter

Special Issue: CIM Turns 10!
No 16, Winter 2015
Special Issue: CIM at 10
  • The Good Doctor
  • Medicine for the Greater Good
  • Precision Medicine
  • Milestones



Volume Archive

CIM Holiday 2013
No 15, Summer 2014
Battle for the Brain: Preventing Alzheimer's
  • Autoimmunity and Cancer
  • Saving Money and Improving Care?
  • "What Pills Do You Take?"
  • Aliki in the ICU


 CIM Holiday 2013

No 14, Holiday 2013
There's a Disconnect
  • The Importance of Traction
  • MERIT-ing Medical School
  • Celebrating Change
  • Taking Care of Mommy and Baby

Breakthrough No. 11: Summer 2012

No 13, Summer 2013
Is There a Brain Injury?
  • What's Important to You?
  • The Brain is Your Gut
  • Helping Our Neighbors Get Healthier
  • Helping the Aging Brain
  • The Liquor Store Next Door
  • Creating a Culture of Health

Breakthrough No. 11: Summer 2012

No 12, Holiday 2012
Aliki a 5: Wise Care
  • Better Medical Care for the Elderly
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Responsible Ordering
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Recharging the Cell's Power Plants
  • Bayview Scholars

Breakthrough No. 11: Summer 2012

No 11, Summer 2012
Special Issue: Putting the Patient First
  • Behavior: The Elephant in the Room
  • Ask the Patient
  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Balancing Act
  • Sparing Mom the Extra Trip in the Ambulance
  • Celebrating Clinical Excellence

Breakthrough No. 10: Holiday 2011

No 10, Holiday 2011
Thoughtful Little Changes
  • Thoughtful Little Changes
  • Golden Opportunity
  • What is Precision Medicine?
  • How to Brew Good Ideas
  • When Putting the Patient First Means Thunking Years Ahead
  • Reflections on Clinical Excellence

Breakthrough No. 9: Summer 2011

No 9, Summer 2011
Aiming Higher
  • A Day of Inspiration
  • Raising the Bar
  • "Teach a Man to Fish"
  • The Dark Side of Statins
  • Bringing in the Experts
  • App Downloaded, Life Uplifted
  • Thinking Big, Thinking Small

Breakthrough No. 8: Holiday 2010

No 8, Holiday 2010
Brick by Brick: Building the Pyramid
  • A Flagship for Innovation
  • Something Special
  • Who Needs This Test?
  • "More Than Loud Noices in the Night"
  • Parkinson's: Could This Be The Cure?
  • A Better Send-Off
  • Miller-Coulson Scholars

Breakthrough No. 7: Summer 2010

No 7, Summer 2010
A Tree With Many Leaves: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Brain Cancer
  • A Tree With Many Leaves
  • Cliff's Notes: Aliki Style
  • The "Oops" Factor: Saving Lives by Lowering the Risk of Medical Mistakes
  • Knock, Touch, Tell
  • The Doctor's Doctor
  • How to Get a Grant: A Free Program Helps Young Investigators Navigate the Maze
Breakthrough Special Issue: CIM at 5
Inside Special Issue: CIM at Five - Winter 2009
Putting the Patient First: Pyramid Power
  • Idea Men
  • Putting the Patient First: Pyramid Power
  • The Aliki Initiative: Time to Care
  • Research Cores: Un-Ivory Towers
  • Miller-Coulson Academy: Master Clinicians
  • The Miller Lectures
No. 5, Summer 2009
Ripple Effect: Bayview is Changing How Caring Clinicians are Trained, and Rewarded
  • Ripple Effect: Bayview is Changing How Caring Clinicians are Trained and Rewarded
  • Beating the Clock: When Time is Muscle
  • C. the Difference! Proactive Approach Cuts Hospital-acquired Diarrhea Rates by 40 Percent
  • "Good" Cholesterol, Infertility, and a Missing Gene
No. 4, Winter 2008
All Sides Pointing Toward the Patient
  • All Sides Pointing Towards the Patient
  • New Hope for Understanding a Tough Disease: A "Knock-In" Mouse
  • What I Did This Summer: Learned About People
  • Taking Care of His People
  • When Wounds Don't Heal
  • Academy of Clinical Excellence: One Step Closer
No. 3, Summer 2008
Forging Stronger Ties: A Road Trip to Sparrow's Point
  • Forging Stronger Ties: A Road Trip to Sparrows Point
  • Reversing the Domino Chain: Helping Heart Attack Patients Faster
  • Wegener's Best Weapons: Patients, Doctors and Scientists Team Up to Fight a Tough Disease
  • How to Talk, How to Listen: Things Cynthia Rand Has Learned
  • ICU: Walking Out the Door
  • Dementia: Study Shows Much of it May Be Preventable
  • Sometimes, Nice Guys Finish First
  • Fixing the Lopsided Triangle: Rewarding Excellent Clinicians
No. 2, Winter 2007
Redefining Sunset: Turning Science on Aging into Action that Helps People
  • Redefining Sunset: Turning Science on Aging into Action that helps People
  • Walking the Walk: Antony Rosen's Guide to Living the CIM Playbook
  • Global Ties: Tackling the "Silver Tsunami" of Aging
  • Pass the Mustard, and By the Way....
  • Teaching Doctors to Care More
  • Proteomics: Reading Life's Ticker Tape
  • Finding the "Balanced Life" Lane: Generosity in Action
  • How We Got the Cell Sorter: A "Loaves and Fishes" Tail
No. 1, Fall 2007
The Aliki Initiative: Putting the "Care" Back into Health Care
  • The Aliki Initiative: Putting the "Care" back into Health Care
  • Move Over, Stethoscope: Handheld Ultrasound Brings Technology to the Bedside
  • Genetic Powerhouse: It All Started With a Dream
  • Keeping the E.R. Moving: Innovations Speed Up the Flow
  • For a Rare, Difficult Disease, a One-of-a-Kind Clinic
  • Antibiotics: Less is More, Smarter is Better