Precision Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

Precision Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine – also called individualized medicine or personalized medicine – is all about designing care that recognizes your needs, your lifestyle and your biology. It uses information from many sources – DNA, family history, imaging, lifestyle and environment – to create prevention and treatment plans tailored to you. For certain conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), physicians are now able to provide methods of diagnosis that can target the type and stage of your disease, advances that could lead to improved treatment now and in the future.

Precision Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis: Our Approach

Our multiple sclerosis experts apply the knowledge gained from years of research to provide individualized care based on your:

  • Diagnosis
  • Family history
  • Imaging study results
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors

Our basic scientists and clinical specialists work together to advance MS care by:

  • Identifying the anticipated progress of your disease more exactly from the start. Using state–of-the-art optical coherence tomography (OCT), MRIs and other tests, Johns Hopkins experts are conducting research to validate the recent discovery of MS prognostic biomarkers that track and predict the course of an individual's MS over time.
  • Predicting which treatments will be most successful: Research shows that some treatments are more effective for aggressive MS than others. We are establishing new sets of care recommendations based on how aggressively MS is progressing and in the future hope to expand those recommendations to cover factors related to your lifestyle and environment.
  • Advancing treatment approaches: True to our historic and pioneering role as a research institution, we are eager to use the knowledge we discover to more rapidly improve care for patients now and in the future.
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