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Viral Hepatitis Center

The Center has extensive programs in basic research related to hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections, including:

FieldLeaderResearch Focus
Clinical ResearchSulkowskiClinical trials of interferon-based and small-molecule therapy for HCV infection
Epidemiology PathogenesisThomasDeterminants of the progression of liver disease during chronic HCV infection
Pathogenesis of HIV-HCV coinfection
Human GeneticsThioHuman genetic variation affecting the outcomes of HBV and HCV infections
HIV/HBV Coinfection Treatment and virology of HBV and HIV coinfection
Immunology (Cellular)CoxCellular immune responses to HCV during acute and chronic infectionCellular immune responses to HCV during acute and chronic infection
Mechanisms of cellular immune failure during the transition from acute to chronic infection
Immunology (Innate)
Hepatic Inflammation
BalagopalMicrobial translocation and Kupffer cells in HIV-HCV coinfection
In situ liver studies of HIV-HCV pathogenesis
Virology / Evolution
Immunology (humoral)
RayEvolution and immune evasion of the HCV genome during acute and chronic infection
Determinants of neutralization of HCV by antibodies
Hepatitis C virus
Humoral immune response
BaileyStudy of immune responses against hepatitis C virus, particularly neutralizing antibody responses, with the goal of guiding vaccine development against the virus
Innate immunity to viruses
Vaccine development
ChattergoonStudy of innate immune system responses against chronic viral infections including hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B, and HIV
Clinical researchFalade-NwuliaImplementing rapid hepatitis C testing, training mid-level providers to treat hepatitis C
HIV/HCVIrvinHIV and HCV prevention and linkage to care/treatment interventions particularly as they intersect with the social determinants of health; Directs Generation Tomorrow and HIV/HCV training programs for students and community members for the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)