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The Third Annual Seminar on Molecular Imaging of Infectious Diseases

This daylong symposium showcast the latest developments in the field of Infectious Disease Imaging and featured a dozen or so speakers with cross disciplinary expertise. It was held on Monday September 23, 2013 at the Owens Auditorium at Johns Hopkins University. A poster session was also held during lunch.


08:00-08:30a Light Breakfast

Session 1
08:30-08:55a   Challenges in Infectious Disease: Need for Imaging
                           Sanjay K. Jain, MD, Johns Hopkins University
09:00-09:25a   PET imaging in TB patients: Understanding pathogenesis and monitoring drug treatments
                           Clifton E. Barry III, PhD, National Institutes of Health   
09:30-09:55a   Imaging CNS involvement in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infections
                           Dima A. Hammoud, MD, National Institutes of Health   

10:00-10:20a Coffee Break

Session 2
10:20-10:45a  Exploration of the microenvironment with MRI and MRSI
                          Marie-France Penet, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
10:50-11:15a  Molecular engineering of MRI probes for detection of microorganisms
                          Assaf A. Gilad, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
11:20-11:45a  Targeting the Translocator Protein: Imaging Inflammation
                          Catherine A. Foss, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
11:50-12:15a  2-[18F]-Fluorodeoxysorbitol: A Novel PET Probe Specific for Enterobacteriaceae
                          Edward A. Weinstein, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

12:20-01:30p Lunch and Poster Session

Session 3
01:30-01:55p  Platform presentation: The eye as a window to investigate the CNS microvasculature during a dynamic malarial infection
                          Emile Gordon, National Institutes of Health
02:00-02:25p  Optical Imaging in Infectious Diseases
                           Kevin P. Francis, PhD, PerkinElmer
02:30-02:55p  Optical imaging for bacterial infections: Skin, joint and bone
                           Lloyd S. Miller, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

03:00-03:20p Coffee Break

Session 4
 03:20-03:45p  PET Imaging of Antibacterial Agents: Correlating Drug PK and PD
                           Peter J. Tonge, PhD, Stony Brook University
03:50-04:15p  Computational Radiology Approaches in Quantifying Pulmonary Infections in Small Animal Models
                           Ulas Bagci, PhD, National Institutes of Health
04:20-04:45p  Monitoring spatial evolution of TB lesion using PET/CT
                          Bruno Jedynak, PhD, Johns Hopkins University


04:50-05:00p Wrap up

Guidelines for posters

The poster boards will be 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide and mounted on stands. Your poster should fit on these boards and cover most of the surface. Thumbtacks will be available onsite for mounting the posters.

A scientific committee reviewed all the abstracts and the top 3 submissions are listed below. They will receive an award of $500 each (funded through Ci3R-JHU), except if they are government employees, who are not eligible. 

  • Emile Gordon, National Institutes of Health
  • Alvaro Ordonez, Johns Hopkins University
  • Neal Paragas, Columbia University

In addition, one abstract judged to be amongst the best was also selected for a platform presentation:

Emile Gordon, National Institutes of Health

Please contact Sanjay K. Jain, MD (410-502-8241; for more information.