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Nuts and Bolts of Imaging Infection & Inflammation

A daylong molecular imaging seminar showcast the latest developments in the field of imaging to detect and monitor infections. It was held on September 13, 2011 at Johns Hopkins University and featured a dozen or so speakers with cross disciplinary expertise, from Johns Hopkins University, and elsewhere.

Schedule and Speaker List (Click to view presentation)

08:30-09:00a Light Breakfast
09:00-09:25a  Introduction – Sanjay K Jain, MD
09:30-09:50a  Overview of Molecular Imaging – Martin G Pomper, MD, PhD
09:55-10:15a  Molecular & Functional Imaging: What we can learn from Oncology? – Zaver M Bhujwalla, PhD
10:20-10:35a  Coffee Break

Session 1:   Sanjay K Jain, MD (Moderator)
10:35-10:50a  PET based bacteria specific imaging tracers – Edward Weinstein, MD, PhD
10:55-11:10a  MR imaging for bacteria specific reporters – Guanshu Liu, PhD
11:15-11:30a  Hypoxia and TB lesions – Ciaran Skerry, PhD
11:35-11:55a  Imaging studies in TB – Clif Barry, PhD
12:00-12:20p  Quantitative Analysis of Longitudinal Images to Monitor Lung Infections – Camille Vidal, PhD
12:25-01:10p Lunch

Session 2:   Dima Hammoud, MD (Moderator)
01:10-01:25p  Introduction – Dima Hammoud, MD
01:30-01:50p  DPA-713 to image inflammation in TB lesions – Catherine Foss, PhD
01:55-02:10p  Neuro-imaging and HIV – Chris Endres, PhD
02:15-02:30a  MR to visualize vasculature and detect hypoxia – Arvind Pathak, PhD
02:35-02:55p  Computer-Assisted Modeling in Pulmonary Infections – Daniel Mollura, MD
03:00-03:15p Coffee Break

Session 3:   Sridhar Nimmagadda, PhD (Moderator)
03:15-03:35p  Imaging lytic induction of gamma herpes viruses in lymphoma patients – Rich Ambinder, MD, PhD
03:40-04:00p  Chemokine receptor Imaging – Sridhar Nimmagadda, PhD
04:05-04:20p  Imaging inflammatory bowel disease using [19]F-MRI – Deepak Kadayakkara, PhD
04:25-04:40p  Cachexia: What we can learn from Cancer Imaging? – Marie-France Penet, PhD
04:45-05:00p  PET imaging to diagnose infection in patients – Steve Cho, MD
05:05-05:15p  [18]FDG-PET imaging for TB: Report from Durban, South Africa – S Naidoo (Durban Univ. of Tech.)