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Center for Infectious Diseases and Long Term Care

The Division of Infectious Diseases (ID) collaborates with short-term post-acute, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and long-term care (LTC) facilities to provide guidance and expertise on the effective management of antibiotics (Antibiotic Stewardship).   ID team members consist of physicians and nurse practitioners that travel to the long term care facilities to conduct initial evaluations/chart reviews on geriatric patients and work with respective medical management teams at each facility to make recommendations on usage and prescription changes of antibiotics.  Additionally, in-service training sessions are provided to the staff to ensure effective long term practice changes.

Currently, ID has relationships with regional LTC networks to develop clinical support and antimicrobial management tools.  Along with direct evaluation of the residents within the facilities, ID team members also work closely with facility leadership in the development of medication guidelines for commonly prescribed antibiotic medications.  Development of such guidelines helps long term facilities to identify medications needing to be discontinued and is an effective means of reducing overall patient care expense.  

Future LTC collaborations are planned to evaluate and identify technological platforms for tracking and evaluating patient outcomes and expense in long term care facilities.  This is an essential need as quality data (e.g. accuracy of patient information, treatment effectiveness) becomes increasingly important in acute and long term care facilities.