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K Awards

NIH Mentored Research Career Development ("K") Awards granted to current and former fellows since 2005.

Jeffrey Tornheim, MD
Mentor: Amita Gupta, MD
K23 - Multidrug resistant tuberculosis transmission dynamics, drug resistance, and recurrence in India

Susan Tuddenham, MD
Mentor: Khalil Ghanem, MD, PhD
K23 - Dysbiosis, Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis and the Vaginal Microbiome

Damani Piggott, MD, PhD
Mentor:Gregory Kirk, MD, MPH, PhD
K23 - Determinants and Consequences of Frailty among Aging HIV-infected Persons (2013-2015)

Christine Durand, MD
Mentors: Richard Ambinder, MD, MPH Joel Blankson, MD, PhDKieren Marr, MDJanet Siliciano, PhD
K23 - Optimal Antiretroval Therapy During Bone Marrow Transplant in HIV-1 Infection (2014-2015)

Justin Bailey, MD, PhD
Mentors: David Thomas, MD, MPHStuart Ray, MD
K08 - Mechanisms of Neutralizing Antibody Resistance in Chronic HCV and HIV Infection (2013-2016)

Michael Chattergoon, MD, PhD
Mentor: Andrea Cox, MD, PhD
K08 - Recognition of HIV by the Inflammasome Signaling Complex (2013-2015)

Ryan Westergaard, MD
Mentors: Amita Gupta, MDGregory Kirk, MD, MPH, PhD
K23 - Technology-Enhanced Peer Navigation to Improve IDUs' Engagement in HIV Care (2012-2013)

Maunank Shah, MD
Mentor: Susan Dorman, MD
K23 - Implementation Science Approaches for Novel TB Diagnostics in HIV Prevalent Areas (2011-2015)

Ashwin Balagopal, MD
Mentors: David Thomas, MD, MPH; Stuart Ray, MD
K08 - HIV, Kupffer Cells, and HCV-related Liver Fibrosis (2009-2013)

Larry Chang, MD
Mentor: Bob Bollinger, MD, MPH
K23 - Promoting Heart Healthy Behaviors in Youth (2014-2015)
K23 - Peer health workers: Impact on retention, care and secondary prevention of PLHIV (2010-2014)

Stephen Berry, MD
Mentors: Kelly Gebo, MDKhalil Ghanem, MDRichard Moore, MD
K23 - Universal Screening of HIV-Infected Persons for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (2010-2014)

Allison Agwu, MD
Mentor: Kelly Gebo, MD
K23 - HAART Initiation in Behaviorally HIV-Infected Youth (2010-2013)

Rahul Kohli, MD
Mentor: Janet Siliciano, PhD
K08 - Elucidating the Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acid Cytidine Deaminases in HIV (2010)

Kathleen Page, MD
Mentors: Bob Bollinger, MD, MPH; Susan Dorman, MD; Richard Moore, MD
K23 - Immunomodulatory Properties of BCF: Implications of MTCT (2008-2012)

Kelley Dooley, MD, MPH, PhD
Mentors: Charles Flexner, MDSusan Dorman, MD
K23 - PK/PD Issues in the Use of New Therapies for the Treatment of Tuberculosis (2009-2013)

Chris Hoffmann, MD
Richard Chaisson, MDChloe Thio, MD
K23 - Causes of and Associations with Death During Long Term HAART in Africa (2010-2014)

Kristine Johnson, MD
Mentors: Cindy Sears, MD; Jonathan Zenilman, MD
K23 - Foreskin Mucosal Cellular Constituents & Effects of Circumcision on HIV/STI Risk (2009-2013)

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