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Adult Infectious Diseases Fellowship

The Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases is committed to training the next generation of leaders in infectious diseases. Our fellowship program has a long track record of successfully mentoring fellows in research projects that span the spectrum of infectious diseases affecting the global community. Combined with exceptional clinical training, fellows graduate from our program well-equipped to begin the next stages of their careers.

Our commitment to our fellows is underscored by their success rates in pursuit of NIH Mentored Research Career Development (“K”) Awards. Building upon a legacy of successfully launched research careers, 94% (17/18) of our fellows' K applications have been awarded since Dr. David Thomas was named division director in 2005. Through semi-annual meetings of our research review committee and a cadre of dedicated faculty mentors, we help foster the professional growth of our exceptional fellows.

Our fellows are able to avail themselves with tremendous resources both within and outside our division. Within the division, there are 77 full-time infectious diseases faculty members, including 39 women. These faculty bring in in $30,688,407 in NIH-supported research funds annually -- more than any other division within the Johns Hopkins DOM. And that doesn't include many other potential mentors within the Bloomberg School of Public Health, its Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, and other schools at our institution.

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Recent Fellow Accomplishments

Here’s a sample of some of the amazing things our fellows have recently accomplished:



Matt Robinson
Recipient of a 2016-17 NIH Fogarty Award. In support of his work with Dr. Amita Gupta on molecular diagnosis of acute febrile illness in public hospital in Pune, India, Matt was awarded the Burroughs Wellcome Fund 2016 Collaborative Research Travel Grant.



Jeff Tornheim
Recipient of a 2016-17 NIH Fogarty Award. Jeff received the Fellow Teaching Award from the Hopkins Bayview Medical Housestaff Training Program. This award is given to the fellow in the Department of Medicine recognized by interns and residents as their most outstanding teacher.



Annie Antar
Article published in USA Today regarding the expense of medications titled: "Real Cost of outrageous drug prices"



Matthew Ippolito
Awarded a Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute grant to conduct a 2-year clinical trial in Zambia.

K Awards

NIH Mentored Research Career Development ("K") Awards granted to current and former fellows since 2005.

Jeffrey Tornheim, MD
Mentor: Amita Gupta, MD
K23 - Multidrug resistant tuberculosis transmission dynamics, drug resistance, and recurrence in India

Susan Tuddenham, MD
Mentor: Khalil Ghanem, MD, PhD
K23 - Dysbiosis, Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis and the Vaginal Microbiome

Damani Piggott, MD, PhD
Mentor:Gregory Kirk, MD, MPH, PhD
K23 - Determinants and Consequences of Frailty among Aging HIV-infected Persons (2013-2015)

Christine Durand, MD
Mentors: Richard Ambinder, MD, MPHJoel Blankson, MD, PhDKieren Marr, MDJanet Siliciano, PhD
K23 - Optimal Antiretroval Therapy During Bone Marrow Transplant in HIV-1 Infection (2014-2015)

Justin Bailey, MD, PhD
Mentors: David Thomas, MD, MPH; Stuart Ray, MD
K08 - Mechanisms of Neutralizing Antibody Resistance in Chronic HCV and HIV Infection (2013-2016)

Michael Chattergoon, MD, PhD
Andrea Cox, MD, PhD
K08 - Recognition of HIV by the Inflammasome Signaling Complex (2013-2015)

Ryan Westergaard, MD
Mentors: Amita Gupta, MDGregory Kirk, MD, MPH, PhD
K23 - Technology-Enhanced Peer Navigation to Improve IDUs' Engagement in HIV Care (2012-2013)

Maunank Shah, MD
Mentor: Susan Dorman, MD
K23 - Implementation Science Approaches for Novel TB Diagnostics in HIV Prevalent Areas (2011-2015)

Ashwin Balagopal, MD
David Thomas, MD, MPH; Stuart Ray, MD
K08 - HIV, Kupffer Cells, and HCV-related Liver Fibrosis (2009-2013)

Larry Chang, MD
Mentor: Bob Bollinger, MD, MPH
K23 - Promoting Heart Healthy Behaviors in Youth (2014-2015)
K23 - Peer health workers: Impact on retention, care and secondary prevention of PLHIV (2010-2014)

Stephen Berry, MD
Kelly Gebo, MDKhalil Ghanem, MDRichard Moore, MD
K23 - Universal Screening of HIV-Infected Persons for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (2010-2014)

Allison Agwu, MD
Mentor: Kelly Gebo, MD
K23 - HAART Initiation in Behaviorally HIV-Infected Youth (2010-2013)

Rahul Kohli, MD
Mentor: Janet Siliciano, PhD
K08 - Elucidating the Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acid Cytidine Deaminases in HIV (2010)

Kathleen Page, MD
Mentors: Bob Bollinger, MD, MPH; Susan Dorman, MD; Richard Moore, MD
K23 - Immunomodulatory Properties of BCF: Implications of MTCT (2008-2012)

Kelley Dooley, MD, MPH, PhD
Mentors: Charles Flexner, MDSusan Dorman, MD
K23 - PK/PD Issues in the Use of New Therapies for the Treatment of Tuberculosis (2009-2013)

Chris Hoffmann, MD
Richard Chaisson, MDChloe Thio, MD
K23 - Causes of and Associations with Death During Long Term HAART in Africa (2010-2014)

Kristine Johnson, MD
Mentors: Cindy Sears, MD; Jonathan Zenilman, MD
K23 - Foreskin Mucosal Cellular Constituents & Effects of Circumcision on HIV/STI Risk (2009-2013)



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