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At the Heart of Precision Medicine

Jasonee was diagnosed with a rare familial disorder that causes sudden cardiac death in young, otherwise healthy individuals. Now that Jasonee is receiving proper treatment and observation, she and her family feel confident that her condition is under control.


The Promise of Medicine: Stories of Innovation, Collaboration and Hope

Pediatric Cochlear Implant | Sarah’s Story

By the age of 12, Sarah Aquino was experiencing hearing loss so significant that hearing aids were no longer providing her sufficient assistance. Watch how Sarah’s journey with The Listening Center gave her back the gift of hearing.

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Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute

The Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute (GBCI) is making a significant impact on bladder cancer treatment, focusing on developing a cure through research. Advances at the GBCI are having a ripple effect on bladder cancer treatment advances worldwide.

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