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Could you repeat that?

Biomedical research illuminates the world and saves lives. It’s also messy, tedious and often frustrating. Repeating studies and building on them is the key to ensuring that our understanding of the natural world grows more precise over time.

Illustrated researchers holding identical research flasks.


The Promise of Medicine: Stories of Innovation, Collaboration and Hope

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy | Gina’s Story

Gina Lawson was pregnant with her first child when she found a suspicious lump in her breast. After being diagnosed with a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer, she sought a second opinion at Johns Hopkins.

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Surgical Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer and Disease

Surgical oncologist Matthew Weiss, M.D., discusses when surgery for pancreatic cancer is required, what minimally invasive surgery options are available, and irreversible electroporation for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

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