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Blood Draw and Shipping

lab techician

Please follow these instructions to ensure the sample will arrive at the laboratory and be suitable for testing:

  1. Please use the labels provided with the blood draw kit. Please complete all areas of the label. If the labels are not available please make sure that the following information is on the label:
    1. Patient name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Draw date
    4. Phlebotomist’s initials
      If any of this information is missing the sample may be rejected.
  2. Please send blood as soon as it is drawn.
  3. Please use the materials provided by the lab to send the samples to the laboratory.
  4. Please follow the packing instructions on the inside lid of the box:
    Place properly labeled tubes in Styrofoam shipper with absorbent material.  Do not place extra tube labels on anything other than the blood tubes.
  5. Place lid on Styrofoam shipper.
  6. Place rubber band around Styrofoam shipper.
  7. Place Styrofoam shipper into biohazard bag.
  8. Place biohazard bag containing Styrofoam shipper inside the white mailing box.
  9. Label and package kit according to carrier's regulations utilizing lab packs and return service labels provided.
  10. When packaged as described above, the mailer meets  IATA and DOT requirements for shipping of diagnostic specimens.

Please contact the lab at or 410-955-3600 if you need additional supplies or have any questions.