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Interventional Radiology FAQs

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Interventional Radiology (also known as IR) uses high-end image guidance, such as X-rays, to treat medical conditions through minimally invasive techniques. Our interventional radiologists can diagnose and treat with unprecedented precision that benefits patients through shorter recovery times, less pain, and reduced risk of complications.

  • Interventional Radiology is located inside the Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging suite in the new Pavilion III building at Green Spring Station. Green Spring Station offers patients free parking or a free shuttle route connecting to The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    The imaging suite features a dedicated Interventional Radiology care and recovery space exclusively for IR patients. IR procedures at Green Spring Station use the same high-quality equipment as The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

  • In September 2019, the first phase of outpatient interventional radiology procedures will include port placements and removals for oncology treatment, and other venous access procedures. The next phase will include many more complex IR procedures.

  • Our committed IR team serving patients at Green Spring Station is the same group of physicians, nurses and technologists from The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Each patient will have a dedicated nurse to guide through the experience and answer any questions. Any after-hours questions about care will be provided by an on-call Johns Hopkins physician team.

  • Patients will be scheduled through the Johns Hopkins Interventional Radiology Center to coordinate their care. This is the same IR Center coordinating IR patients across Johns Hopkins Medicine. The IR Center determines which patients are eligible for treatment at Green Spring Station. The IR Center is open weekdays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    The referring provider will be connected to one of our Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) nurses who will discuss the patient’s history and requested procedure with you. The PCC nurse will determine the most appropriate location for the patient and procedure, and will provide you with an appointment date and time at the end of the call.

    The IR Center also offers pre-authorization services.

    For Johns Hopkins Providers

    Please continue to order exams through Epic and call us at 410-502-6611 (option 2).

    For Non-Johns Hopkins Providers

    We ask that non-Johns Hopkins providers fax a written order to 410-367-2325 before calling us at 410-502-6611 (option 2).

  • For Johns Hopkins Providers

    All images and reports can be viewed through Epic

    For Non-Johns Hopkins Providers

    IR images and reports can be viewed through iConnect. If you don’t have iConnect access, please contact to set up an account.

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