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FAQ's for Department's

Student Recruitment Process

Where does a department go to fill out an application to recruit a student?

For instructions on completing your Student Request, please send an email to

Is there a limit to the number of students a department can request?

There is not a limit to how many students can work with a department. However, large student requests may not be possible to fulfill due to the overwhelming amount of student requests from other departments.

How long will the students work over the summer?

Students will work for a total of 8 weeks.

How long can a student work during the day?

Students will work 6 hours per day, 30 hours per week, 9:00am-3:30pm for the duration of the program.

Will participants be excused for vacations that fall during the summer program's scheduled day?

No. Participants are expected to work full days for the duration of the program. Vacation time will not be paid and may result in termination from the program.

What is the appropriate work to assign to a student intern?

Departments are required to provide meaningful work for students that is not only productive for the department, but also helpful to the overall professional and educational development of the student intern(s). Work assignments may include, but are not limited to administrative duties such as filing, copying, answering phones and other entry level office aide task.

Can a department request a former student?

A department is not only allowed to request a former student; but also encouraged to do so to develop a strong relationship with their student. Receiving that student depends on whether the student is participating in the program and also, if the student wants to work with the department again. In cases where students and departments request to continue their work relationship we ask that the student and department provide direct notification to JHSJP staff in a formal written request via email, so that the match can be made during the placement process.

Will the students be trained in HIPAA?

All students are required to complete HIPAA orientation courses prior to their start date, as well as courses in blood borne pathogens, fire safety, workplace harassment and discrimination, and the JHSJP program orientation course.

Will the students have resumes?

JHSJP applicants are required to submit a resume when applying to participate in the program.

What is the appropriate attire for the students?

Interns' attire must be neat, clean, adhere to minimum business standards, and be non-disruptive to the workplace. The suggested attire is:
- Solid color polo shirt or collared dress shirt
- Khaki pants
- Closed-toe comfortable shoes

Will the student have any other training during the summer?

The JHSJP students will take Microsoft Office classes along with other classes, depending on the students' interest. Also, please take advantage of the students' access in MyLearning, where they can take numerous online courses on various subjects and software via Skills Soft.

Are department supervisors required to attend training?

All JHSJP supervisor mentors are required to attend a 3 hour training session, which generally occurs during the last week of May.

Will the students be provided with an Exchange email?

JHSJP does not provide the students with an Exchange email account. If a department decides that an Exchange email would work best for communicating with the student, the department will be responsible for processing the request including the cost incurred.

How are the students matched to their departments?

Placements are made by matching the applicant's interest to the participating departments' information given on the student request form.

Will the students have their badge before their first day of work?

The students will receive their badge before the first day of work and are required to wear visibly for the duration of the program. Departments are responsible for providing students with all additional access needed to complete their departmental job duties.

If desired, can a department recruit a student for a permanent position?

Yes. Departments can certainly provide opportunities to extend and/or provide permanent employment opportunities to their student interns based upon their work with the department during the summer session. In this case, the department will provide logistics of the opportunity to JHSJP staff and work to transition the student directly to the department's care.



How will students track their time?

The students will be provided with a time sheet. The students are required to fill out their own timesheet. Their direct supervisor will then confirm the timesheet, sign it and date it. If the supervisor's signature is not on the timesheet, the timesheet will be placed on hold which will result in the student not being paid on time.

Will the departments be responsible for paying the students?

The students' pay will not come out of the department's budget. Students will be paid directly by YouthWorks. JHSJP provides the funding for the students. JHSJP only requests that the department commit to hosting and providing meaningful work to the student intern(s) for the specified program duration.

Can students get paid overtime?

Students are not allowed to work pass 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week. Overtime is restricted unless otherwise stated by the JHSJP Committee.

Do students receive paid time off?

No. If a student leaves early or does not come in on their scheduled work day, they will not receive their full pay. The student is responsible for notifying their college mentor, supervisor and JHSJP of their missing time from work with a valid excuse for an excused absence. Any absence, excused or unexcused, will not be paid to the student.

What is the pay rate for the students?

Students participating in JHSJP will get paid minimum wage.

How often do the students get paid?

Students are paid biweekly in accordance to the YouthWorks payroll schedule for the program duration.


Professional Development Sessions:

When are the Professional Development Sessions held?

Professional Development Sessions for Track 1 interns are held on each Friday for the duration of the program, and on Wednesdays for Track 2 interns (unless otherwise noted).  

Are the interns required to attend the Professional Development Sessions?

Yes, all interns are required to attend the professional development sessions.  This means that interns will not report to their worksite on scheduled professional development days.

What topics are covered during the educational sessions?

Professional Development sessions are geared to provide participants with a well- rounded perspective on topics related to personal /professional development and planning for their future. Topics vary from college readiness to financial literacy to cultural awareness.