Adopt-a-Class/Career Day Program

adopt a class again Angela Davis, Nurse Clinician, Weinberg OR, hosts a group of sixth grade students from Graceland Park during the annual Adopt-A-Class Career Day.

The mission of the Adopt-A-Class/Career Day Program is to introduce fourth and sixth graders at five local elementary/middle schools to hospital careers and to expand their knowledge of career choices in general. The five schools currently participating are Tench Tilghman, City Springs, Graceland Park, Highlandtown #237, and Wolfe Street Academy.

Each year, volunteer teams are created, each with three-six Johns Hopkins volunteers from various departments. Each team is assigned to a specific classroom. Once a month from November through March, the teams visit their assigned classroom and deliver a one-hour presentation on a pre-designated monthly topic. At the end of the presentation, students ask questions and record reflections of their experience in their journals.

As a culminating activity, all of the students visit the Johns Hopkins Hospital in April/May for the annual Adopt-A-Class Career Day, where they will tour three departments and enjoy a delicious lunch, provided by our nutrition department.

Contact us

For more information on how you can volunteer, please contact the Office of Project REACH/Community Education Programs at 443-997-4587.