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Request a Bin of PAPRs

To request a temporary bin of PAPRs call Central Stores at (5-8357).

A bin of PAPRs consists of:

  • 5 port battery charger
  • 5 base units (blower/filter/battery)
  • 5 breathing tubes
  • 5 headpieces

Additional breathing tubes (SAP#35866) or headpieces (SAP#128246) can be ordered from central stores as needed.

Every staff member who uses a PAPR should have their own headpiece.

PAPRs can be reused (not a single-use item) for other patients as needed, except in the OR.

PAPRs must be plugged-in and stored in a cool, dry place that is known and easily accessible to employees.

When no longer in use, PAPRs should be surface cleaned and placed in soiled utility room. Call (2-7629) to arrange pickup by decon.

To request PAPRs be permanently stored on your unit, contact HSE at 410-955-5918.

Watch the PAPR training video.