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Definitions / Guidelines

Serious Injury or Illness

The JHH Emergency Department is utilized for all urgent medical treatment of on-the-job injury or illness.

If an employee is seriously injured or becomes acutely ill on the job, and needs immediate medical attention, call 5-4444.  Examples of serious medical conditions include loss of consciousness, life threatening injury, seizures, and/or change in mental status.  In such cases the employee should be accompanied by a supervisor or coworker.  If there is a question of severity, contact the Occupational Injury Clinic for assistance in determining the appropriate care facility.

Special Cases

All employees who sustain an EYE INJURY on the job are to report directly to the Emergency Room of the Wilmer Eye Institute (Wilmer 3).  The Wilmer Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employees who have sustained a BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN EXPOSURE are to dial 5-STIX (5-7849) immediately for further instructions.

Employees who show signs or symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases, and employees who have been exposed to infectious diseases, must be referred to the Occupational Health Services (OHS) for diagnosis and recommendation of appropriate therapy as well as determination of their suitability to continue to work.  Refer to Policy:  Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases.  OHS is located in the Church Home Building at 98 N. Broadway, phone 955-6211.

Non-Urgent Illness or Injury

The Occupational Injury Clinic is established to treat and manage all cases of non-urgent work-related injury.  Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.  Closed on JHH Holidays.  Phone 955-6433.  All work-related injuries no matter how minor must be reported to a supervisor immediately, and employees must be seen in the Clinic.  When the Clinic is closed, dial 5-6433 and listen for further instructions on the recording.

Employees who have been seen in the Adult Emergency Room or Wilmer Emergency Room for work-related injuries must contact the Clinic on the next available business day for further disposition.

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