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Guidance Documents

HSE G01Guidance for Closing JHU Non-Patient Care BuildingsBuilding Mangers of JHU Non-Patient Care Buildings
HSE G02Guidelines for Handling and decontaminating PAPRSAll users of Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)

Guidance for Employees Using Ortho-phthalaldehyde (Cidex© OPA) to Disinfect Equipment

Forms pertaining to Cidex© OPA can be found here.

Employees who perform high level disinfection on medical equipment and/or work in the area where Cidex© OPA is used
HSE G04Medical SurveillanceEmployees who are potentially exposed to dangerous chemicals, equipment or conditions.

Guidance for  basic safety training for all staff and students who are to work in laboratories

Staff and students who are to work in laboratories.

Guidance for concerns about reproductive hazards

Supervisory personnel whose staff express concern about reproductive hazards in their work place.


Guidance and Prudent Practices for Chemical Use in Laboratories

Staff and students who are to work in laboratories.
HSE G08JHU Fire & Life Safety Management Guide for Public Assembly EventsAll persons planning public assembly events.
HSE G09Guidance For Laser PointersAll users of laser pointers.
HSE G10The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bed Bug ProcedureEmployees who work in patient areas.
HSE G11Guidance for Corrective Actions and Progressive Response for Ongoing or Repeat Laboratory Safety Violations Principal investigators, department administrators, and research administration leadership who have concerns regarding compliance or non-compliance with laboratory safety standards.