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Donors Tell Why They Give

“I have been donating to HCGH since 1992. I believe it is important to support the community from which you receive revenue by giving back, and the hospital is an incredible institution that has taken care of me and my community.”
- George Doetsch

“While HCGH serves those who live and work in Howard County, it is, in our opinion, one of the best hospitals in the country. We want to see the hospital grow with the community, and supporting the hospital in this manner is our way to help ensure that the level of care we have come to expect continues for generations to come. We believe in HCGH and its ability to help make Howard County a better place.”
- Creig and Carla Northrop

 “LifeNet is a great illustration of how the Howard Hospital Foundation, HCGH,  Howard County Department of Fire & Rescue Services and our neighbors in Howard County can work together to bring the latest innovations to our area. We already have excellent health care. This just takes it up one level.”
David Powell

Vivian C. “Millie” Bailey, a well-known community leader, has been a longtime supporter of HCGH through financial contributions and her service on the hospital Board of Trustees. Because she believes so strongly in the hospital’s importance to our community’s well-being, she has included us in her estate planning and has become a charter member of The Legacy Society of HCGH.

“Howard County is a huge piece of our life; it’s where I grew up, it’s where we have raised our family, it’s where I’ve worked selling homes for 37 years. We sincerely enjoy giving back to our community by supporting programs, events and great institutions like the Howard Hospital Foundation. When our family needed a hospital, HCGH was there for us. We are forever grateful for their expertise and efforts, and are proud to support such a wonderful organization.”
- Bob Lucido

“I don’t have much, but you reap what you sow…so the more good you put out there, the more you get in return.” 
- Saundra Bates

“Our parents have set the example and have taught us that we have a responsibility to the community. We wholeheartedly believe in giving back.”
- Mary Glagola

“I appreciated the care my late wife and my current wife have received at the hospital throughout the years. So why not give back?”
- Robert Fischell, Sc.D.

“The hospital serves a broader range of citizens than any other organization in Howard County. Three generations of my family have been served by the hospital.  At some point in time, the hospital will touch nearly every single person in Howard County. It is important to have a facility of the caliber of HCGH in our community.”
- Chip and Cathy Lundy

 “M&T has supported HCGH for more than 10 years because the hospital is a vital part of the quality of life we enjoy in the county.  We work to strengthen the communities we serve, and the hospital shares this commitment.  The hospital provides an extremely high level of medical care to community residents.”
- Brian Walter

“As a physician, I feel it is important to nurture good quality nurses. Howard Community College offers an impressive nursing program. Funding a scholarship through HHF continues to foster the relationship that our practice has had with the Howard County nursing community. Many good nurses have come from the program, making it a wonderful investment in our community.” 
- Nicholas Koutrelakos, M.D.

“In requesting that donations in my daughter’s memory be made to the Howard Hospital Foundation, we felt we were both honoring her aspirations for nursing and benefiting the people of Howard County.”
- Mark and Sharon Mayr

“I support the hospital because Howard County is home for me and my family. I believe investing in the communities in which we live, work and play is my responsibility.”
- Paul Skalny

“The full physician medical staff has truly been giving to their ability. The physicians and physician groups that have been providing care to the community for all these years have stepped up in a very strong way to show their financial support for the campaign and for the hospital.”
- Jerry Levine, M.D.

“We held a fundraiser benefiting the hospital. We are all about paying it forward and giving back.”
- Michelle Kupiec

“Giving to the hospital was an emotional decision for us. We gave because we have good relationships with our doctors and like the environment the hospital has created. There is no other place that we felt we would like to give.”
- Dr. Sanford A. Berman and Dr. Kay A. Ota-Berman

“This giving thing is all new to me. But it is so worthwhile when you see the effect your support really has.”
- Zach Fine

“We all live and work in the hospital community. If we support the hospital, it can continue to grow, and we can better serve Howard County.”
- Eric Aldrich, M.D.

“I could be a patient at HCGH tomorrow; my friends and family could be patients. By giving to this campaign, I can help ensure that we all receive the best care possible.”
- Michael Silverman, M.D.

“The hospital was there for me when I was alone. They became my family. And now, I am there for them.”
- Shirley Howard

“God has blessed me, and I want to be able to give back and help the community from a wellness perspective. I want to do whatever I can to help take care of our hospital and, in turn, our community.”
- Margaret Kim

“Our family is a big supporter of organizations that help others, and HCGH is a special place. Purchasing a paver was an easy decision to make since the hospital is where my grandchildren’s lives started. I think it’s a nice thing to do because years from now my family can go to the hospital and see that their grandfather thought enough to do this when they were born.”
- David G. Schwartz

“We experienced the hospital from all angles, and it was all positive.  We’re very satisfied with the hospital’s leadership and know our contributions will be put to good use.”
- Jack and Karen Whiteside

“If you and your family have benefited from the hospital’s services and you are looking for the right avenue to make a lasting contribution, I encourage you to consider the many benefits of a planned gift through the Legacy Society.”
- Shirley Bossom

“I’m very glad to have the opportunity to provide HCGH with lasting support through planned giving to the Legacy Society.”
- Joanie Reisfeld

“I appreciate not just the high quality of care, but also the warm community setting of HCGH. In the past I have contributed to the Campus Development Plan of ‘my hospital,’ and now I believe it is my responsibility to help maintain its excellence. I became a Charter Member of the Legacy Society to help ensure that those same resources will be accessible to future generations, including my daughters, grandsons and even my great grandchildren.”
- Emmy Lou Volenick

“Whenever Eugene “Pebble” Willis, M.D. was asked to help the hospital, he did so, and with enthusiasm. It was a great loss when Pebble passed away in 2009. Due to his tireless efforts, however, his legacy is enduring. Pebble’s generous support will continue after his death through the bequest he made to the hospital through the foundation.”
- Vic Broccolino

"Supporting a cause that directly impacts the local community is important to us and that is precisely what the Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center is all about.  It is there to lend a guiding hand and a warm heart to our neighbors when they need it most.  Helping the center expand and extend their service to the community has been extremely rewarding."
- Howard County Tourism & Promotion "Blossoms of Hope"

“Team CONQUER Cancer provides the inspiration and support I need to better myself and help others.  I welcome the opportunity to give back to the Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center, and the HCGH community that has been there for me from the birth of my three children, through my experience with breast cancer.”  
- Diana Toronto

“I am on Team CONQUER Cancer because we’re all about life. I raise money for the Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center because we’re all about living fully, loving generously, and longing to continue life-affirming services that help cancer patients and their caregivers cope with a devastating diagnosis.”
- Heléne Kass

“Giving back to our communities is an integral part of our organizational culture. We, at Grace, are passionate about developing cutting edge technologies and seek to have a positive impact on the lives of people everywhere, whether through our products or our civic engagement.”
- Brian McGowan

“I have medically fragile children who were born at HCGH. It is only natural that I philanthropically support my community hospital.”
- Mark Biegel

“From my perspective, the hospital is on a trajectory that started 15 plus years ago from a care delivery standpoint to be one of the top community hospitals in the country. With the philanthropic support of our community, it will be a model hospital for communities around the country.”
- Larry Butera

“My wife moved to Howard County in 1955, and she thought she was moving to the end of the world.  As we’ve watched our county grow and change, it has given much to us and our extended family.  Beth and I want to give back, and in my mind, the place that impacts everyone in the county is the hospital. The need for support will continue to grow as the county grows so it is important that residents, to the extent that they can, support the hospital.”
- Peter Hibbard

“We decided to make a donation to the hospital because the hospital serves everyone in the community. We have made donations to other organizations that help feed the homeless or help fight cancer but thought donating a large sum to the hospital would reach more people.”
- Sean and Jena Peay

“I donate and volunteer my time because it makes me happy to give back to a wonderful hospital that has taken such great care of my family and friends.”
- Alicia Slahetka

“Living in Howard County for more than a decade, we have seen firsthand the quality of care this hospital provides and the strides it makes to continue to improve its facility. We are excited not only to honor our parents (with this donation) but also to contribute to the ongoing success the hospital has exemplified.”
- Mukesh Majmudar

 “I am happy to support the hospital every year through my annual gift. Any organization that provides a vital community service, such as HCGH does, needs to be supported by community donations. Because the hospital serves us so well, we must return the favor.”
- Charlie Miller

“I have lived in Howard County for more than 35 years, and HCGH is my hospital and the community’s hospital. It is important to me that it provides the very best medical care to the people who live here, including my children and grandchildren. My company, Harkins Builders, is also based here in Howard County, and many of our employees are county residents.  Supporting the hospital personally and through Harkins allows me to give back and to benefit so many others who are important to me.”
- Dick Lombardo

“I want everyone at HCGH to know that each moment we volunteer and every dollar we donate, is a direct ‘thank you’ to those who work at this wonderful hospital.  I am grateful for your talents, kindness, and help to us in our moments of need.”
- Jackie Benner