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Clarksville Rotary

March, 2008

Clarksville Rotary

Photo (left to right): Back row: Niles Morton, Leo Emond, John Moseman, Pastor David Newman, Jeffery Stauffer, David Bird; Middle Row: Karen Kreh, HCGH President & CEO Vic Broccolino, Robert Pelletier, Scott Wyler ; Front Row: Phyllis Newman, Theresa Fodel, Clarksville Rotary Club President Nancy Szlasa, Stephanie Gumm, May-Ellen Colon; Clarksville Rotary members not pictured: Blair Hill, Prasad Karunakaran, Bill Molton, Nnneoma Obineche, Folarin Shitta-Bay, Dr. Aaron Twigg.

Clarksville Rotary Supports Community with $25,000 Pledge to CDP

The Clarksville Rotary met recently with Howard County General Hospital President and CEO Vic Broccolino to formally announce their $25,000 pledge in support of the Campus Development Plan and to present him with their first payment of $10,000.

Clarksville Rotary President Nancy Szlasa said that their decision to support the CDP has both local and international dimensions. "Our club already has a strong relationship with Vic Broccolino, so we were well aware of the impact of our gift and what our money will be able to do," said Szlasa.  Their reasoning was also based on the fact that "a major focus of Rotary International is the health and well being of children," explained Szlasa. "This is an important issue for Rotary District Governor Richard Carson and, in turn, for the Clarksville Rotary. We are dedicated to improving the health care of children in our community, so lending our support to the CDP was a perfect fit," she said. 

Fittingly, the Clarksville Rotary has chosen for its naming opportunity a treatment room in the pediatric area of the Emergency Department.