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William Saway, MD

A Physician Practicing Philanthropy

Recent campaign donor William Saway, M.D., an internal medicine physician on staff at HCGH since 1997, member of the hospital’s board of trustees and president of Columbia Medical Practice, says, “The hospital plays a significant role in our efforts to provide quality care to our patients so, in turn, contributing to HCGH helps us to take care of our patients. I am giving back to the community where our practice is located and where we live. Everyone in the community will have different needs, but the collection of all the improvements made through this project will, at some point, touch everyone in Howard County.”


Funding Where the Farm Once Stood

Dr. Fred Lewis and his wife Mary Agnes moved here in 1954 and have a long history with HCGH that dates back to the days when a farm stood on the corner of Cedar Lane and Little Patuxent Parkway.

As a veterinarian in Howard County for more than 50 years, Dr. Lewis recalls, “Before the hospital was built, I remember treating one of my first patients, a cow, where the hospital now stands.”

Today, they are proud to be long-time supporters of the hospital and, most recently, the capital campaign. “We were anxious to do all we could to help support the hospital’s efforts to keep up with the county’s growth. It is important to have a good facility with great staff, and we are very pleased with what has been done thus far to keep the hospital up to date. Vic Broccolino and Steve Snelgrove have provided outstanding leadership and we are pleased to offer our continued financial support,” says Fred and Mary Agnes Lewis.

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